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Thursday, December 23, 2010

   The Holidays are a Comin' *Kinda Long~ish* (Same as TheO)
Hey guys =] It's been a long time. How have you all been? I've been really busy with school and extra activities, but thankfully I am on Christmas break. Now I can work on some stuff and finally write a post. Haha It is going to be a rant though. Just telling about what I am going through this year. And what a normal day for me is like. yup.

I haven't really been up to much to tell you the truth. Mostly at school I just do the work I am suppose to and then go home...but now people are starting to ask me what I want to do with my life. I still really do not know. I am so indecisive. I mean sure there are a lot of things I enjoy doing, but I don't know if I want to make a career out of them. People are so surprised when I tell them that too because I guess I'm the type who knows things. Ugg it is all confusing. Next year I really have to think about it or before I know it. *Poof* my chance will have passed. Why does it have to be so difficult? Then there are times when I never know who my real friends are. There are people I used to be close to and now...we barely talk. Some of them are friends and yet...are not. You know? It just makes me wonder about myself and why it gets like that. I just want to ask "Why? What is wrong with me?" Ugg. High school sucks sometime. :/ But then other times it can me really amusing. Like those little fights in the hallway and people crowd around it like a show, but when the punches get too close they scatter like cockroaches. It amuses me. Some people really need to lighten up. Oh and the teachers at school. Some can be totally fine, but there is this one teacher that I dislike more than I should. The reason? She is Bias. It just makes me angry. >:[

Then after all of the school stuff I usually go home unless I have rehearsals for an upcoming show. If I go home I usually just sit in my room on FB or am out in the living room playing Video games, depending on my mood. (Haha the normal life of a teenager) I would rather have rehearsals. I get to hang out with my friends and our Director is such an amazing teacher at our school. She makes acting so much fun and it is something I love and enjoy to do. In fact we have another show coming up in a few months that I cannot wait to be in =] Other then that, nothing really happens in my daily life.

Then now cause I am on a nice longer break I actually get to visit far away relative and such. It is very nice and because of that break I can chill and be on here more. Like right now it is close to 5 in the morning and yet I still do not feel sleepy. And looking outside right now, it is wondrous. All of the snow and stars. I love it. I've been so used to living in the city that I haven't been able to enjoy sites like these more often. I've missed them. Also my doggie by my feet. He's grown. It makes me happy seeing him do so well. I still have so much to do until break is over that I never want it to end. Long live holidays!!!!

Recently I've been obsessed with Korean bands. Like 2NE1, Co-Ed, SNSD, f(x), Brown Eyed Girls, and a lot more. I love how they all dance. One day I too will dance like all of them. *determined* hehe also I've been obsessed with KH and Zelda again. I am saving up to buy the new games for both series. Ahhh. I need a job so bad *sigh* This economy... So hard to find one. =___= But then I am also watching random episode of South Park. I love it. So hilarious. Stan and Kyle <3

Well enough of this random nonsense. Thank you for sticking through and reading all of that. And thank you all for the lovely birthday comments! I know this is late, but really!!! thank you guys!! And I apologize for not being able to be on here more and comment on all of your stuff. I mean being a normal lazy high school student I should be able to, but I am telling you. FB is addicting! XD Well I really do miss all of you!!! We should really talk more!! So please PM me if you have a chance!!!! LESS THAN 3!!!!!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

   probably my last post for a while
So, since I am going back to MN for a whole month I probably will not be coming on here as much. of course I will still try to complete my contest that I have joined, but if I do not, then I don't. I will be pretty busy with everyone and everything. Then when I come back I will have only a short while before school starts, then I will hardly ever....EVER be on. So if you really want to keep in contact with me add me on facebook I guess? If you want to, just comment on this I guess....

So yesterday I went to a birthday party, it was fun. We went to a hotel and swam at the pool. Then today I went home and took a long nap. Now it is 1:38 in the morning and I am packing. Getting ready to leave for home later on today. I really want to see everyone, but what if they have changed? What if they think I am different? What if I let them all down? It frightens me. I've always been afraid to be myself, even a little bit, but I think I've been getting better. At least I hope so.

Everyone expects so much of me. I feel like I am being stretched out in every direction. I am so sick of it, but I don't know what to do. I keep worrying I will make a mistake. Then I will fall. It is just so hard. It feels like I am losing myself more and more each day. I'm breaking down a lot more too. Yeah I know you probably do not want to hear this, but I need to let if out somehow. I really don't like talking to people I know about this stuff. And I don't think they notice, because I am one of those people who try to act like everything is okay, even when it is not. Is this the right thing to do? I don't know anymore. I really need help it seems.

Anyways, enough of me feeling sorry for myself. I bet it gets boring to listen to. So Eclipse came out last night. It makes me laugh, thinking about those major fans, screaming and drooling over everything. I cannot wait till all of the movies are over with... then No more!!! It is probably going to be like this with Harry Potter though too. *sigh* So my friend said this in a FB status... "you know what? if an alien wanted to effectively wipe out the human race, all they would have to do is bomb every movie theatre in the world at midnight, because that would destroy approximately 98% of the female population who probably wouldn't even notice it because they'd be too busy looking at Taylor Lautner's abbs. and the 2% of the female population remaining either probably can't read or they don't care."
I would be the part to not care. which part would you be?

I really should get back to packing. This post was just made to rant and explain why I might not be on here as often. So goodbye? I guess? I don't even know

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Life as we know it ~*same as TheO*~
Don't you hate it when people you don't know try to add you on facebook?? blah. I mean really.... =___=

I just had to start off with a rant. =D Haha so summer... I am officially a Sophomore now! No more being called a Freshie!! So this past week...Good? Some parts? I don't even know... I mostly just slept in very late and stayed up for what seemed like forever. That is what I hate about summer, I become a night owl and sleep through half the day... Not to mention I never eat anymore or if I do it is very little. I just want it to be over with!(i'm crazy right?) Saturday was great though! I went my friend's birthday party and we had a water balloon fight! XD I got soaking wet! Then once it got dark we had fun dancing outside with glow-sticks! Woohoo! haha. I really want to see a lot of movies too! Like Toy Story 3, Shriek, Easy A, and Scott Pilgrim VS. The World. They all sound very interesting to me. That is what summer is supposed to be for right? to see movies?? DX GAHH!

I also go back to my home state in about a week... Super excited to see everyone again and not to mention I am going to be in a play up there! Kinda excited for that! I will be able to see my doggie again and visit all the places I loved, but don't feel like home anymore.

Yes! The Twins are doing better! I am very happy for them! =] I cannot wait too go to one of their games!!!
I want a jersey now.

I've been getting headaches more often too...Maybe it is because of stress?I always wait until they pass, I've never taken meds for them. They still hurt majorly though >_<

Here is my latest card, made for Meagan!

Haha I just wanted to ramble, so don't mind me...Bye for now? I guess...


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Thursday, June 10, 2010

   Finally on and rockin out!
So how is everybody? I haven't been on since..well a LONG TIME!! So I decided to pop in for a tick. Now that it is summer I can finally relax.(or whatever i can do)

So this school year was amazing! As you may or may not know I moved last summer, so this year I was at a completely different place. I was a freshman this last year and I am glad to say that I did not get freshmanized! I met a lot of cool people and join the performing arts section! I LOVE it! theater is love! <3 I do not know what I would do without it in my life. So I guess I would be considered as a drama kid now! yeah! We even got to perform Sweeney Todd and I was the Mrs. Lovett understudy! yeah! XD It was amazing! I screwed up a bit though. Then Finals came up and I passed! Whoo! so now I am officially a sophomore!

I am so glad it is summer! I will get to go to the new Twins Stadium!(Yeah Target Field BABY!)And see my beloved Twins! And I will be hanging out with some awesome old friends. Unfortunately I will not be on here a lot. Probably only once in a while, but hey, what can ya do??

So I have been watching Glee(gosh I love that show) The Finale was amazing! I loved it! I cannot wait till the next season!! :D Then I watched the first Ep. of Pretty Little Liars, it was good! I actually enjoyed it! Next seasons Gossip Girl is going to be amazing too! GAHH so many shows XD

I even made a wallpaper and a card! Look at them if you have the time!thanks!

Haha I thought this was going to be a long post, but it isn't haha! Anyways enjoy the vid!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hello everyone!Thank you for your comments on my last post! XD I've been updating more lately..i dunno why..I want to tell you guys about some sweet video games I started playing..

My sister bought Eternal Poison.She let me borrow it.It is such an amazing game!The art is super pretty!The fighting is kinda like FF tactics.It is soo hard though..I keep on dying on this one level :/ bah!the Duke is cool..but I dunno if he is good or bad yet..I am still at the begining of the game.

My sister(one of my other sisters) bought me Ar Tonelico!(or course i have to pay her back)I love that game!!I had to start a new one though cause I forgot where I was...(last time I played was like 2 years ago)No it has been a day and I am 9 hours into it!It is love <3 My favorite character is Misha.She is soo cute!The music and art are really pretty!It is a must play for all RPG fans!

Haha that is all..I am soo hot.. T^T The sun is killing me!Anyone want to trade weather??*dies* I get so sleepy when it is hot..=_____= ugg I dun like it!*whines* I really want to make a wallpaper..but nothing comes to mind...I might make an Ar Tonelico or Eternal Poison wallpaper though cause they are really cool...in fact I found a good scan..but..i dunno...I feel my wallpapers are getting bad.. >_<

anyways I shall let you guys go after you listen to this cool song!It is the opening theme for the anime Pandora Hearts..

Sorry for making you read this..bye bye *waves*

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

lalala I am hyper lalala!Yesterday I got all wet cause my brother was throwing water balloons at me...it sucked..Soaking wet!!!eww....Then later on last night we go a little storm!Go rain!*frolics in it* The same brother of mine loves Nanaca Crash now..He is way better at it then me..i feel cheated.. DX he got over 12 thousand m... whaa! T^T

Thanks to Sparkle-chan I Love Big Bang XD They are amazing!(Crack Crack Crack Crack)Now I am making a Wallpaper with them in it!eheh I cannot help it!I am also making another wallpaper..not of them though.ahaha!

Ugg my mother makes me so mad..always lecturing me.Always bringing God into the conversation..and you should know..NOBODY CAN WIN AN ARGUMENT WHEN GOD IS INVOLVED!grrr...She is soo persistent.

I started to get allergies this summer!IT sucks DX My eyes get all itchy,my nose gets runny, and my throat is itchy too.It feels like I am dying!!*stop being over dramatic*

Now I am going to go on and on about Pikachu.Pikachu is the best cat ever!!Even if he was really whiny!I miss him bunches DX WHY IS HE GONE!!!DOES HE HATE ME???OR ELSE IS HE DEAD OR LOST???*spazzes out*time to show you a picture of the cutie..

I will stop with all of this craziness...it might be to much for you guys..take care everyone!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Explosions,Unicons,and Rick Astley!??
Hello!how is everyone today?I am great!!A bit tired though..I really should stop staying up late ..but I don't want to! XD

Anyways...I am hyper today i dunno why...maybe cause I might get Ar Tonelico and Ar Tonelico 2 today!!I hope I do get them!!!Right now I am craving oranges like crazy.We do not have any though D: All we have are cherries,apples, and grapes...fufufu.

This video is so funny!Plus it has Will Ferrel in it so it has to be cool!The one after it just funny in a weird way..I love the blue and pink unicorns XD

I need a new book series to read..any ideas??I am soo bored right now!!A few days ago my sisters and brother were playing DDR..I suck at it..plus they were making me laugh so I did even worse XD but it was really fun! I still feel depressed sometimes though..I dunno why.*spazes*

Also If you haven't..please take a look at these two cards I made.

I know that this is not a very long post..but I have nothing else to say really.Take care everyone!*hugs* Ichi loves you all :3

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Friday, June 12, 2009

::*::Time flys by when you are having fun!::*::
ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!!!!! Tim Burton is making Alice in Wonderland!!!*gets shot* I am sooo hyped up for it now!!!GHAAA!It comes out next year...It has Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway in it too <3 soo happy!!!(froggeh told meh)

My avatar is now Oz from Pandora Hearts!I am addicted to that manga now!!He is a pretty cool character..but not my fav!!All the characters are amazing!I love the song at the top..it is very pretty.Miku is cute <3

Anyways...yesterday my brother and I were watching some South Park episodes..We watched the episode with the purity ring,Jonas Brothers and Mickey Mouse.IT was hilarious!!!!The Jonas Brothers are stupid as always!Mickey mouse scared meh...but he was funny! XD ahhh i got a kick out of that episode...Then we watched the Fishsticks episode..Jimmy came up with a joke that was funny...
"Do you like fishdicks"
"do you like them in your mouth?"
"what are you...a gay fish??"
ahahha I laughed soo Hard!South Park is soo funny!*dies of laughter*

A while back I actually saw a suspense/ sort of horror movie that I liked!It was called Shiver.It is so cool!Ahh good movie.... I finally found my old pokemon cards...I have a lot of them thanks to Shishou and Anya!I hate the new pokemon though..they are lame. I also found my lame my little ponies...maybe I should melt them and make shoes out of them cause they are not the good old ones XD

I thought this was a funny April fools joke. :3

I dunno if I would like a real LOZ movie..i mean it would be cool..but i dunno...i just like the games.

New Favorite song as of now has to be Breathe In by Frou Frou.I just love it!Favorite Bands as of now have to be The Shins and Super 8 bit Brothers..They are both amazing!
That is Super 8 Bit Brothers..they have amazing songs! Roll it Up is talking about Katamari...I just love that game!I suck at it though..i hate the time limits XD

Well I will end this post now..nothing else to talk about...I did make an e-card for Meagan-chan's birthday though...if you have the time please look at it!

Take care everyone!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

::::What part of no don't you understand::::
hello again..wow the last time I updated this was in April and I haven't been commenting on a lot of things lately...Gomen!!I thank Nan,
Sayura-chan,and Meagan-chan for commenting on my TheOtaku post though!!You guys really cheered me up!I love you all!!

I am a video game junkie!I can sit and play video games for 7 hours or longer..they are just so good!When I want a video game I search for good graphics,story line, and fighting action.I still have over 10 video games I need to beat though...most of them are cause I need to level up..I hate leveling up..too boring!I just like the action!!!I hate gore!I can stand stuff like Resistance and Resident Evil though.I took a quiz too!!
What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime
It tells the truth..I always underestimate my opponent!

This year I will be a freshman!!wooo!*dances*
It only means schoolwork is going to be harder but...I will prevail!You see the video at the top? WATCH IT!!! It is an amazing song by an amazing German band!Plus my sister loves their white suits!

A few days ago my brother caught a daring jumping spider!!IT looked soo cool!especially when you looked at it from the front cause then you could see the eyes and green fangs!It was a male and he was running around in the jar :3
Here is a picture!

Lately my parents and I have been going out for walks.It is really fun!Link(our dog) comes with us!He must be part horse though cause he loves apples,dried fruit,and other fruits.Soo Cute ~~

Yesterday my brother and I watched Footloose.Kevin Bacon is amazing!I love his dancing in that movie!Next movie I want to watch is Zoolander..so I can see David Bowie,Ben Stiller,Will Ferrell, and Owen Wilson all together!!Or maybe I will watch The Labyrinth cause David Bowie is amazing in that movie too!Ahhh so many good movies out there!Hopefully I can see Star Trek and Up soon too!

I really want to change my layout...but I suck at HTML.grr!!!I will try to learn!Right now it is 2:00 in the morning..I stayed up to late!so Now I gotta go!Have fun everyone and take care!!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Star crossed lovers. They say we're not meant to be.
HAHA i have been reading the Warrior cat books again!right now i am starting Outcast..gahh!i need to read it!I still have to read the 2 after that..then i need to read Firestar's Quest and the field guides.I also have to start reading the Seekers series.I have the first book but i have not read it yet XP
I also cannot wait for the Lupin the 3rd VS Detective Conan to get subbed!It looks so amazing!I am of course looking forward to the 13th movie as well!
dancing anime chick Pictures, Images and Photos
I was cleaning the house today...I love vacuuming the Asian beetles!>:3 I hate sweeping though..it is a pain!
well I am kinda done with typing..so I will tell all of you what I am working on!
1)Wallpapers for CrimsonANBU and jamo.
2)avatar for sasusaku 4ever
3)finishing up some drawings!!!
ohh and if you are wondering why it says Star Crossed Lovers...well it is a song by Scary Kids Scaring Kids!bye bye people!
Weh?? Pictures, Images and Photos

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