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I'm Ichigo I love Kaiba!! and Kratos*Twich* So leave them alone or DIE!!!

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love it
Dark Fairy
You are a Dark Fairy! You enjoy anything to do
with your friends of others and you are totally
uninterested in anything else. Except of course
yourself for you are very vain and so you
should be because your beauty, dark and
mysterious is to be envied. Advice: Go out some more, make even more friends
that you already have! Go out to the mall and
have alot of fun!

What kind of Fairy are you? :: Anime Girl Pics::
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Umm...ok then
Your first kiss will be like a fairy tale kiss.
Isn't that lovely? You're a true dreamer and a
romantic. So hopefully, someone will be able to
make you happy someday.

What will your first kiss look like? (beautiful pics)
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