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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Gah! Lines lines LINES!

Hey everyone, this is Aya contacting you all from Florida. Of course, I just have to tell you about whats happened since I left yesterday.

So first, I wake up at 2 am so I can get on the computer one last time before I left. My dad woke up an hour after me, and I really shouldn't have slept at all...because, well...I couldn't fall asleep so I should've done something PRODUCTIVE with my time, like stay on the computer, simple logic. Anyways, we leave...and my dad was listening to some bizzare music, I only hear one song that I've actually heard before and liked.

Next, we arrive from Camarillo to L.A. which is about a 2 hour drive, give or take. We were stuck on a shuddle with broken doors, so everyone was crammed tight together, and as my dad and I go to leave, my baggage barely fit out the front doors since the usual ones were broken. (I was trying not to step on anyones feet. I was unsuccessful > . <) So, you know about the Bomb threat that was heard a day before we left, right? So...the lines we really long, and we didn't have any drinks or anything to take on the plane TT-TT. The lines were huge, people were pushing people to get where they wanted, and these ladies as if they can mix in with me because their flight left at 6. HA! I saw her at 7!! Besides, why would you ask ME that, I'm fritkin thirteen! Come on...

So after we get through all the lines, we get on the plane, which was pretty boring...I listened to music the whole time, uncomfortably fell asleep about four or five times, and zoned out while I watched my dad work on his homework on his labtop. They showed the Movie "over the hedge." I have one thing to say about that movie: WTF?! It was bizzare, and no offence to all you that like that movie, but it was strange and NOT FUNNY AT ALL. I didn't laugh once. Me, not laughing. MEEE.

Finally, we arrive in Florida. It wasn't so hot this time because unlike last year, I remembered to actually take off my sweater after I got off the plane ^^'

Once we got to the place where my grandma and Uncle lived, we listened as she talked about some of her little stories. Well, long ones in a way...my dad tried to ask her a few questions. She didn't answer them correctly, so it took him about five times per question. Also, she makes these soft foot things called "booties." They're really neat ^ - ^ I wear them on cold nights. So she was talking about how she wanted to make some for my cousin Nina who is now 18. She told her she was too old to have any and then later expected to get some.

My dad told her that she should make her some and sew "Bi-och!" on the side. LOL. The only reason it was so funny was because my grandma had NO idea what Bi-och meant! xP And he kept saying it over and over, and I was creacking up as she was all, "bi...och?" haha, finally, my uncle screamed that it meant bitch. Suddenly, she let out an "Oh!" ^^ lol, that was nice.

So I went to bed at about 11, I was really tired from everything...so it was around 8 pm in California. I slept exactly twelve hours, since I woke up at 11am, which was 8sm in California. (yeah, I'm still in California time > . <) so I'm dizzy and have a headache, but whatever, ya know?

We all went shopping, and my dad wanted to make hot dogs for lunch, but I really wasn't in the mood for Hot dogs...soooooo, I just got this mini-pizza thing. It was good. The hole shopping thing just hurt my head though, because y grandma has to use one of those shopping carts that you sit in and everything, and when she backed up...well lets just say "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!" yeah... I stood there while she debated with one lady about Sugar-free items.

Well, we're home back at her house again, and we just finished lunch and they let me get on the computer. They said that I could get on any time I wanted too...but I feel really weird going on someone else's computer...so I probably won't be on all that much unless I find out that I can install MSN messenger. I doubt I will ^^'

anyways, I'm not sure how long I'll be here for, but seeya soon!

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