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Sunday, February 8, 2009

No Promises

I'm such a dork. Hurrhurr. I always come back promising to update more, but I never do. XD I mean, seriously. It's been like, a year. I'm a Junior in high school now and, realizing I'm not quite so brilliant, am dropping my AP classes next year. That's right, I'll be in AVERAGE level classes! Dun dun dun. The point of this is really to tell you all that if you want to talk to me you should head on over to DeviantArt. My username is IcySapphire, and I go on there every, guarenteed. It's my firefox homepage, so I don't really have much choice.

Besides, I'm in a writing tournament there, made it to round two and eagerly awaiting results, so I need to check in regularly. I don't really update my journal often, but I reply to all my comments and notes and such there, so feel free to drop me a line. :'D Besides, it's always nice to pimp out my art. <3 I LIKE DOODLING. -hasn't done a decent drawing in forever-

Really now, I shouldn't be here. I have a lot of homework and studying to do today. God I hate my procrastinating ways. XD;; Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if I'll ever be able to conquer them. Poo~ Kekekeke, well, so long MyOtaku, seeya on the flipside. ;D Like I said, I make no promises, but I still will ATTEMPT to check in fairly often, update and see what's going on in my friends' lives. <3


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