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Sunday, January 6, 2008

So tiiiiiiiiiiiired~ > 3 >

BLAGH. It's one thing to stay up till 2 AM three nights in a row because you want to...and it's another thing entirely to stay up till 2 AM three nights in a row because you HAVE to. Yeah, homework is killing me, and I'm trying to get it all done so I don't fail, so I've been working nonstop for the last few days, which meant I was staying up till the early hours doing nothing but trying to focus on actual boring work. D:

So I really hope I can finish this (not like anyone reads this but oh well xD ), because I really really really don't want to fail my classes. At the same time, though, I know that I can't finish my history as much as I try, but luckily (although I have the worst grade in that class) the homework grade doesn't count for very much, so as long as I crack down and actually read the chapter this time and ace the test, I'll be good to go.

My new years resolution was to concentrate more on my schoolwork. But...having fun is just too tempting! I hope I can manage to do better. D: I really really care about my grades and they're stressing me out. Anyway, I shouldn't even be typing this right now. I should be reading essays and analyzing them or whatever we're supposed to do! > 3 > Bye~ Gosh I wish there wasn't school tomorrow...

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