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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Icer feels much better!

A little outburst just does you good once and a while, doesn't it? :3 I got all of that off my chest last night, and I'm feeling nice and cheery again. Homework is still an issue, but I'm not all frustrated and depressed. I watched Stardust last night, and I thought it was a pretty good movie. It was cute~ <3 And I'm a sap for romantics.

Speaking of, I think I'm getting back into the roleplay groove on Gaia! It's great! I made a new one and it only has five other members, so it should be fairly easy to keep track of. It's a romantic comedy rp, which is what reminded me. XD Well, lets take the fact that I posted two days in a row as a good thing. <3

I'm so picky xD I worked on my site all night last night, and I think I just thought it looked nicer simple. It's not as crowded or anything, and I'm a bit of an organized perfectionist when it comes to things other than my room. > 3 <;; I'm not looking forward to cleaning that.

Guuu~ I'm hungry~ D: I think I'm gonna get some breakfast before I head back to the "good-old" schoolwork. XP Blah~ Heehee. Anyways, expect me to be working on the way my page looks all day today. XD I'm going icon fishing! Whee!

Oh! And if anyone knows some good anime that I might not've heard of, tell me! I'm looking for some new ones to get into. XDD My recent obsessions are Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (When they Cry), and Princess Princess (both the anime and manga alike). I just bought the boxset and almost all the manga of Princess Princess online. XD;; Ehehehe...I was short 50 cents so I had to cancel the order of one of the volumes. D< Stupid giftcard limitations!

Oh well, I'll just pick it up in store. :3

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