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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi Guys! I'm here to tell you to have a good Valentines Day / Singles Awareness Day / whatever else you might want to call it. xDD Yeah, today wasn't that eventful, but it was odd enough to laugh about it! Well, I didn't get any ACTUAL Valentines *coughcoughINEVERDOcoughcoughEVERYONEHETESME!coughcough*, but I did get a few chocolates from a few friends. xD Like I said, no REAL valentines. But it wasn't a bad day or anything.

Drama was amusing, our teacher was trying to give us this emotional story about Eros of Greek Mythology and all that stuff, and concluded about how the arrow symbolizes that to love someone you always end up hurting them first. Because of this, one girl was all "So does this mean if I stab Ryan, he'll LOVE ME?!" It was funny xDD

But it was also boring, because not only did he mispronounce Eros and Aphrodite, and all those people, he messed up the story badly and figured that none of us have heard it before ^^" Well, at least Kakeru gave me a cookie because my lunch sucked! YAY! xDDD Well, I hope you had a good Valentines Day, feel free to share your stories with me!


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