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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


People see happiness in your eyes! You are most
likely a really awesome person who trys to
enjoy life. You can usually see the good in any
situation or person. You bring joy wherever you
go in life and probably have a really good set
of friends. But sometimes you may strive too
hard to be happy and may try to fool yourself
and others. In this case, it's not good to hold
in your feelings, and you should try to find
someone to talk to about what's bothering you
instead of covering it up. But, all in all you
usually get over these situations quickly and
can continue living life to its fullest! Go
you! ^_^

What can people see in your eyes?(great ANIME pics)((IMPROVED!!!))
brought to you by Quizilla

^_^ COOL HUH!!

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Straight Jacket Feeling

Back me down from backing up
hold your breath now
it's stacking up
Eched with marks but I can deal
and your the problem
and you can't feel.
try this on straightjacket feeling
so maybe I won't be alone
take back now
my life your stealing
yesterday was over
today I'm fine without you
run away this time without you
and all I ever thought you'd be
that face thats staring holes in me again....

Trust you is just one defence
with a list of others
you don't make sence
bang me time and time again
to take you back now but you can't win
Take back now my life your stealing
yesterday was over
today I'm fine without you
run away this time without you
and all I ever thought you'd be
that face thats staring holes in me again
but today I'm fine without you
run away this time without you
and all the pain you put me through
I'm holding on
by letting go of you
and when that memory slips away
they'll be a bed out of you from me
and only lonsome you remains
and just the thought of you I fear
It falls away!
Yesterday was over today I'm fine without you
run away this time without you
and all I ever thought you'd be
that face thats starting holes in me again
but today I'm fine without you
run away this time without you
ad all the pain you put me through,
I'm holding on
by letting go of you.....
-- by All American Rejects

I love this song....I'm always happy^^ It's just my nature, and I love being that way, but I can never express how I truly feel.....^^ nothing to be upset over, but this song, I can just, well, understand, you know?

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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Yay^^ I got the Third Inuyasha movie yesturday, cause Sesshomaru is awsome, and I have the others....so yah, and Well, I'm not going to say what happened cause I don't wanna give anything away.....but I must say it rocks and I recomemd seeing it^^ I also got the 18th graphic novel^^ in this one, the 2nd season officialy ends and the third one begins^^ I have the third season box set for dvd, and I must say I was a little dissapointed when they didn't put Enishi, Tomoe's little brother in it...but luckly, he is in the manga like he is supposed to, and in the OVA's...yes I own them too.....^^ Well, I'm completely zoning out at the moment cause I just got back from a sleepover and only slept for abput 5 min.....So, to avoid collapsing, I'll end it here, and remember: EAT YOUR SOBA WITH CONFIDANCE!!!!

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Saturday, September 10, 2005


I totally am up late tonight, am eating ALOT of ice cream and am once again HYPER!!!! *twitch twitch* Well, Joy to the world, my msn is working again^^ It wasn't earlier today, but like an hour ago I just clicked it and it actually LOADED!!! 0_0 B.K. sent me over 60 ataku e-cards....-_- now my eyes hurt from all the Vash and Kakashi jokes....^^ Well, in celebration I am going to post some hilarious Tales of Symphonia pics, some are in another language, so be creative^^ oh, and also, cheers to my friends sdragon and EdwardElicthe2nd, they've been together for a month now^^ wel, heres the pics:

Yuan must obtain perfect balence:

Yuan embarasses Kratos:

Kratos wears a...WIG!!!:

Ok, I'm taking up way too much space and I have more, so I'l put more up some other time but untill then, ttfn and remember: EAT YOUR SOBA WITH CONFIDANCE!!!

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Friday, September 9, 2005


YAY!! I'M BACK!! though now I'm once again attending school 0_0.....well ^^ all tis well^^ and and and and!! guess what, I'm doing a report for history and my awsomest topic is.....SANOSUKE!!!^^ yes, and as for the resons for why I chose this, I simply wrote:

....my friends all know that I am obsessed with him, and that I am considerably insane. And if you don't like it, then, well, deal with it cause thats what I chose and I'm not changing it!!

Also, at luch today, everyone gave my chocolate^^ yumm chocolate!! That made me hyper, but thats not all.....One of my friends gave me one timsy tiny piece of sugfary sour fruit candy, and I EXPLODED!!!! well not literally, but she must have spicked it or something cause I started hysterically laughing and couldn't return to my sences^^ Eventually B.K. had to grab my ear and yank me around school which REALLY hurt. I started to cry, but she stopped and decided to drag me by my long blonde hair. Unfortunatly I have an extrenely sensitive scalp so that wasn't really any better....^^I'm still happy though, and for all you who didn't know, I have a boyfriend now^^ we met on Gaia!! Oh wow I'm talking ALOT arent I!!! Well, I guess thats all I have to say for now, but tune into more of Icer's rammbling mummbles to hear about more of my CRAZY adventres^^ So for now, ttfn and remember: EAT YOUR SOBA WITH CONFIDANCE!!!!! ((bow down to the kitsune!! It rules over your puny mind.....no offence....^^))

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This is for all you Final Fantasy fans:

Ok, I'm just now getting into Final Fantasy....i know, I'm pathetic. But I've decided that I love the tv series : Final Fantasy Unlimited. ^^ Kumo and Kaze, they rick I put a pic of them up there^^ Yay^^


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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


...sorry i haven't pasted in forever.....I've been a...busy writing and entering roleplays at www.gaiaonline.com They're soo much fun...and oh, buy the way, my computer won't work right now....sooo not fair......i might not be able to fix it, i'm at the library....

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

hi everyone

everyone, i'm back, but my friend Suntetsu is....not in a very good mood.....please anyone that doesn't have her as a friend, could you go be a friend, and....tell her that i want her to understand that.......that she's not as worthless as she thinks she is........please help me, help her *crying*

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Friday, August 5, 2005


Hey everyone, tomarrow i'm going to Florida, and so, i don't know if i can use the computer while i'm there, but if i can i'll post and stuff, but if i don't, don't worry about me, i'm alive!!!!

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Thursday, August 4, 2005


Ok, you all voted, so I'll be puting my old music video back on^^ (oh, my dad told me that i can use internet explorer for now....but if he can't fix the problem i have to erase my account and make a new one...*sighs*)

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