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Friday, November 30, 2007

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Eternal Hiatus...

Hy! How about a strawberry? But first...
Lory left forever... Only I stand here alone, guarding this place as she asked me to. But luckly she will still submit, her work here, on The Otaku! Please visit her portofolio, I promise you won't be dissapointed!
And Lory asked me to say "Thank you!" to all the wonderfull people she met here during this lovely years!

Where am I now?

May, 9th 2008 17:55 PM

Currently working on: Some new wallpapers.
Latest great movie seen: Might not be my latest, but it's worth mentioning "The comunist raid" ( translation from: "Marele jaf comunist"). Conclusion: romanian directors rock!
Latest album downloaded: Maria Rita ~ Maria Rita (genre: brazilian jazz)
Latest books bought: "Written on the body" by Jeanette Winterson & "Yours sincerely, Surik" by Ludmila Ulitkaia
Latest book read: "Time traveler's wife" ~ Audrey Niffenegger. Conclusion: dought at first I tought I made a wrong choice, it turn out to be a really great book.
Latest great events: My life is boring at the time, no great events for now.
Latest mundane events: This week's tests, furture predictions indicate low marks.
Future plans: Comment more on posts, I know you all hate my laziness!

Peace and luff,


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Current date: 30th November 2007
Current topic: My days...

Let's see, another post... My weeks and days all blend into one really horrible routine. But I'm still optimistic. It's in my nature, anyway.
College is hard, especially math. Math will haunt me forever, math will haunt us all... :)
Everything is different now and lately I started to feel that. Helping hands are so hard to find, you always have to figure out everything by your self and if you may fail some exams, actually no one cares...
But I will study and I will not give up! At least there are a lot of students out there like me, a little still puzzled and confused... :)
But I want to forget about those awfull future exams. Until for now.

I am sad to announce that in the near by future I won't be able to comment or post anymore because of winter break. Explanation: I'm going home and my computer is staying here, in Bucharest. That means no internet for me and no MyO for 2 weeks. Horrible! I know. But I'll still be around for another 3 weeks so you will be able to enjoy my comments.

I really haven't designed anything yet. No wallpapers. But I'm a bit excited because I've finished studying HTML Language in college and my intuition tells me that pretty soon I'll get web-designing a shot! My first layout... I can't wait!

I haven't watched any movies lately, just one called "She's all of that". Really old, from 1999. A teen-movie actually, really poor plot. But you know what? These movie are actually like eating chocolate when you are on a diet. Of course, nobody knows that you've cheated... :)
I enjoyed it, mainly because I really wanted to see a movie and I'm taking a break. No more serious movies for now.
Dough I watched "The Notebook", a lovely recommandation made by my best friend here on MyO, SweetD. Yes, you are right, it is trully wonderful. I recommend it also! Friends, give it a try and you won't regret it!

Well, this is it... I apologize if I missed any posts or for my lack of comments, but I'm doing my best. It seems that this situation won't really change in the future no matter how much I try. But like I said, I'm doing my best to make it! :)
Have an awesome week-end (I know mine will be boring and full of math!) and take care! Also thank you very much for all the lovely comments on my last post! *monster hug*

Peace and luff,

P.S Please don't forget to visit my special section too, also recently updated. if you have some time, of course. Drop a comment if you like!


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