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Monday, November 12, 2007

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Eternal Hiatus...

Hy! How about a strawberry? But first...
Lory left forever... Only I stand here alone, guarding this place as she asked me to. But luckly she will still submit, her work here, on The Otaku! Please visit her portofolio, I promise you won't be dissapointed!
And Lory asked me to say "Thank you!" to all the wonderfull people she met here during this lovely years!

Where am I now?

May, 9th 2008 17:55 PM

Currently working on: Some new wallpapers.
Latest great movie seen: Might not be my latest, but it's worth mentioning "The comunist raid" ( translation from: "Marele jaf comunist"). Conclusion: romanian directors rock!
Latest album downloaded: Maria Rita ~ Maria Rita (genre: brazilian jazz)
Latest books bought: "Written on the body" by Jeanette Winterson & "Yours sincerely, Surik" by Ludmila Ulitkaia
Latest book read: "Time traveler's wife" ~ Audrey Niffenegger. Conclusion: dought at first I tought I made a wrong choice, it turn out to be a really great book.
Latest great events: My life is boring at the time, no great events for now.
Latest mundane events: This week's tests, furture predictions indicate low marks.
Future plans: Comment more on posts, I know you all hate my laziness!

Peace and luff,


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Current date: 12th November 2007
Current topic It's been so long...

Hy everyone! Wow! Almost one month and no posts... Well I've been really busy, you know, college. Yesterday I had to translate some pages from this book (main topic: management). Imagine that, Sunday and I'm working.
But I did comment on your posts as much as I could, so this time I don't really have to apologize anymore. :)

Well, let's see... I managed to watch two movies! That's something.

Well the first one, Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage, I think was really good. I adore movies made after comic book stories. I really liked this one, I must confess. And I recommend it, especially if you are crazy after bikes, motorcycles on fire and heads on fire, the devil or bad angels and lost souls. Yes, Nicolas Cage's head is on fire. I think he was perfect for this role!!! And I even liked Eva Mendez a little. But I'm not going to tell all about it, if you want to know more just go and watch the movie.

The second movie I've got to watch was The DaVinci Code. I've never read the book, but I really wanted to see the movie. And... I don't even know what to say. If you believe in the Holy Grail and secret societies you'll adore this one. Personally I didn't like it that much and some of the things happening in it were kind of predictable. I guessed a few! But Tom Hanks never dissapoints you, you can always count on him. But I didn't really like the leading lady's performance. Yes, every movie has to have a woman with beautiful legs in it! Dough I've read some reviews where her performance was really appreciated, I really didn't like it. I even hated her accent. To sum up, I really don't recommend this one if you really believe in God! But if you do really watch it, don't take it to seriously, that's my friendly advice.

Last night, I've watched Ratatouille. And it's great!!! I love cartoons!!! I trully recommend it, if you believe rats can cook! :) Why is it great? Because it shows us that we are what we believe, not what others see. And yes, rats can cook! If you love cartoons, don't miss it, please!

I've downloaded more music! The sountrack from Lord of the Rings is incredibly wonderfull! I recommend it, trully!
And James Horner is still a genius in my opinion. I found another score that is entirely his creation. I recommend you the soundtrack from A beautiful mind. But now I want the soundtrack from The DaVinci Code, composed by Hans Zimmer. I can't wait to get it. I've heard the songs are really beautiful.

Currently I'm listening to country music. I can't really believe it! But I just love these two songs: Dixie Chicks ~ Not ready to make nice and Johnny cash ~ God's gonna cut you down.

I guess it's time to end my post with the promise that I'll try to comment as often as I can. And I want to thank you all for the last comments I received. They were all wondefull!
Have a great week and take care! *giant hugs*

Peace and luff,

P.S Don't forget to read my special section "Toughts in my head..." if you have some time, you'll find some random interesting things about me, there. :)


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