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Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Eternal Hiatus...

Hy! How about a strawberry? But first...
Lory left forever... Only I stand here alone, guarding this place as she asked me to. But luckly she will still submit, her work here, on The Otaku! Please visit her portofolio, I promise you won't be dissapointed!
And Lory asked me to say "Thank you!" to all the wonderfull people she met here during this lovely years!

Where am I now?

May, 9th 2008 17:55 PM

Currently working on: Some new wallpapers.
Latest great movie seen: Might not be my latest, but it's worth mentioning "The comunist raid" ( translation from: "Marele jaf comunist"). Conclusion: romanian directors rock!
Latest album downloaded: Maria Rita ~ Maria Rita (genre: brazilian jazz)
Latest books bought: "Written on the body" by Jeanette Winterson & "Yours sincerely, Surik" by Ludmila Ulitkaia
Latest book read: "Time traveler's wife" ~ Audrey Niffenegger. Conclusion: dought at first I tought I made a wrong choice, it turn out to be a really great book.
Latest great events: My life is boring at the time, no great events for now.
Latest mundane events: This week's tests, furture predictions indicate low marks.
Future plans: Comment more on posts, I know you all hate my laziness!

Peace and luff,


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Current date: 18th October 2007
Current topic: Technology gone crazy!

Hy everyone! First of all I want to apologize for not commenting lately but my computer crashed down again...

Lately I've been really busy, I think you all know how sometimes college/faculty can really steal some precious time of our lifes but in the end it's always worth it, right?

Right now I'm typing this post from inside the faculty since I'm not actually having any courses. I forgot to tell you the name of my faculty. Now that I'm the proud member of the special English section, I finally found out the equivalent in English of course: my faculty is called "The Academy of Economic Studies" {known as A.S.E in my country} and my major is "Accountancy and Financial Administration" {but I'm not really sure about the second one}.

Well I'm getting used to my new life here in Bucharest. It's not that hard after all. And I finally found something that I adore about this city. The libraries of course! I bought a book last week I think, called "Red and Black" by Stehndal. So far I can't really tell if it's good or bad, but since I'm still interested in reading it then I guess it's a good book. The author is French and I just love French authors!

By the way lately I've been interested a lot in philosophy and at the library I found all the books on this topic. So when I entered the library and I saw the books all I could say to my collegue was: "Kant! Hegel! Schopenhauer!!!" { Those are names of famous philosophers of course}. And I immediately started laughing because I am only 19 and these days a normal teenager doesn't really say those exact same words when he/she enters a good library for the first time!

I really don't have time to watch TV lately, I really don't have one anymore and I'm a bit dissapointed by the fact that I might be missing some good movies or football matches.

Lately I've just discovered some great songs. I trully recommend the soundtrack of "Troy" and no I'm not listening to it because Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom are part of the cast of the movie. I'm listening to it because it was composed by James Horner!!! He's a genius, and he manages to surprise me again. The songs are wonderfull, do try!

Well my post ends here I guess. Thank you all for your lovely comments and for taking some time to read my special section too. Thank you for really commenting there too! I love too read so many wonderfull comments! But who doesn't?

Have a great week, a wonderfull week-end and take care! *giant hugs for everyone*
Peace and luff,


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