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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Eternal Hiatus...

Hy! How about a strawberry? But first...
Lory left forever... Only I stand here alone, guarding this place as she asked me to. But luckly she will still submit, her work here, on The Otaku! Please visit her portofolio, I promise you won't be dissapointed!
And Lory asked me to say "Thank you!" to all the wonderfull people she met here during this lovely years!

Where am I now?

May, 9th 2008 17:55 PM

Currently working on: Some new wallpapers.
Latest great movie seen: Might not be my latest, but it's worth mentioning "The comunist raid" ( translation from: "Marele jaf comunist"). Conclusion: romanian directors rock!
Latest album downloaded: Maria Rita ~ Maria Rita (genre: brazilian jazz)
Latest books bought: "Written on the body" by Jeanette Winterson & "Yours sincerely, Surik" by Ludmila Ulitkaia
Latest book read: "Time traveler's wife" ~ Audrey Niffenegger. Conclusion: dought at first I tought I made a wrong choice, it turn out to be a really great book.
Latest great events: My life is boring at the time, no great events for now.
Latest mundane events: This week's tests, furture predictions indicate low marks.
Future plans: Comment more on posts, I know you all hate my laziness!

Peace and luff,


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Wow! Thank you for all your lovely comments. I'm so lucky to have such new wonderfull friends. Welcome Angel Zakuro and aNiMeGiRl 7 !

Ok, I'm back and guess what? So are my poems!
Maybe I'm the only one excited about this... I'm going to post it anyway... My new poem, that is.
I haven't wrote anything in a while, but last night I had this crazy feeling... Like I felt the need to write something.
I guess it's because of the music I was listening to. But what can I say? The "Titanic soundtrack" is really inspiring... Actually I think James Horner (he composed all the songs I think...) is a genius! A great artist.
Don't ask me why I was listening to those songs last night... But I haven't done that in a while.
So anyway, I began imagining this beautifull old ship... Not like the Titanic. Old, made of wood, like old English ships. Anyway, in my head it was modern too, because it was going pretty fast.
And it was only me on that ship, nobody else. I was looking down at all the waves I was sort of leaving behind... The moon was rising... very romantic. Just imagine that!
So here is my poem, called "Beyond the sea..." (love the title, simple, but perfect). Before you read it I must warn you that it is very, but really, very romantic!

Here it is:

Calling out to you
Beyond the sea...
Our souls can still hear
Life's wonderfull song...
A million voices sing so softly,
My heart can't believe it
You whisper, I tremble
And as the moon rises
You touch me gently...

On this ship, abandoned
I no longer feel alone
As I look up and see the sky...
Just like a child,
With light in my eyes,
I reach for something,
But there is nothing,
Nothing but the night...
Yet a strange light guides me,
Soon we will see
Life's one true essence
And you will love me,
Beyond the sea,
Beyond this night...

You whisper my name
And my heart slowly surrenders,
You hold my hand
And wrap your arm around my waist,
Your soft embrace,
Beyond the sea,
Beyond this night...

We are so close now,
Just as I've dreamed
Now we can hear
The sound of love,
A song of hope,
Our hearts cannot stop,
Believing in...
Beyond the sea,
Beyond this night...

A voice still sings,
A heart still dreams,
Two eyes still cry,
Two hands still beg,
I am still me...
Without your love
Beyond the sea,
Beyond this night...

Long post, I'll say! You can just skip the poem.
Nothing much happened these days, I'm working on a wallpaper dought. It features Sailor Mercury and I feel like I'm missing something. But I'm not worried, I'll finish it in the end. Click here to see it.

So thank you again for your lovely comments and I'll try to comment on all your posts! I'll be a little busy, since Friday I'm moving. Yes, Bucharest, here I come!
Have a great week, everyone!
Peace and luff,


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