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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hey everyone im sorry for not updating school has just been swamping me latley. Well i have to go check out some new people who signed my GB so I'll try to be on more frequently. I hope life is treating you all good. Well I'll try to update more often but no promises.
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hey thought id post and just ask everyone how you all are (pms would be to difficult for like40 people so how r u7 all?
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Friday, October 20, 2006

1 minute morning is the name i gave it
This poem is for a friend of mine the person knows who im talking about

The girl is sleeping.
A ray of sunshine tickles her face,
While she quietly continues her slumber.
She finally wakes up
Greeting the day with a smile.
She opens the window, and a spring breeze,
Gently kisses her on the cheek.
With her new reason
She goes through her terrible day.
What reason,
could be big enough
You ask.
The reason is
To continue greeting the day
With a smile across her face,
Knowing things are getting better.

I call it one minute morning because this one minute is what keeps her going each day knowing things are getting better each day

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

My poem War
The shameless killers

War is sad
Itís very bad.
They kill and kill,
To fill the appetite
of destruction.
The days go by
And more men die,
The numbers grow
As the days go.
Thereís still no shame
From the men to blame.
They didnít care much
It was only a bunch.
they have taken their lives for good
But they recruit more As food for the war.
Theyíre never coming back
But the men still lack, The shame
even though They are the ones to blame.

~Ice Prince~

If you agree with this poem listen to the song
Two weeks from twenty by Yellowcard

Thanks for listening

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Friday, October 13, 2006

The best day of the year is here friday the thirteenth i love this day a one year ago it was one week after my birthday (sadly not on my birthday) i wish you all bad luck please do the same for me haha bye froir nowz
-Ice Prince

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hey people im really bored well whats up i acctually got my first guestbook sig. yeah whoopdedoo like i giva care well bye
- Ice Prince

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Thats my poetry for today so later to anyone that might visit while im not on but probbably wont cause im so damn bitter. haha now the world is giving me the cold shoulder. Serves me right i guess
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The tortured man
I herby warn you this is kinda disturbing and brutal to those with weak stomaches so suck it up wussys

The tortured man
The man hides behind his shadow,
He only hides in fear for himself.
The man hides for he is afraid,
Of what people think,
Think of him.
But the man doesnít even know himself,
He yells in the night at nothing,
And walks to nowhere in the day.
He starves himself from other humans,
Not wanting to be apart of the existence.
So he writhes in agony torturing himself,
To the point of which he wishes to end
His life forever.
But he canít bring himself to
Give up so easily.
So the man wanders the earth
Torturing himself till the end of time.

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Gods cruel self
The man is walking
down the icy street.
He gazes into the burning fire
staring waiting for his god
to answer his prayers.
But no one answers so
the man is left to wander
the streets forever with
no one listening to his prayers
and wishes

-Ice Prince

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