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Sunday, August 12, 2012

SO... it's been summer and I've been waitressing at some random restaurant.
like most waitresses, I see alot of people. and one person in particular made me remember a particular moment in my life...

and it starts with my 12 year-old self.

My brother has always been a good tennis player, so my mom sent him to this tennis camp. more like boot camp to me. they make you play tennis and run around 12 tennis courts. (to those of you that are wicked good at running... well, i'm lousy at running so stop judging.)
My mom decides to sign me up. I get put in w/ little kids... as much as 5 yrs+ younger. (how embarassing) but yeah.
We have these races. and I get put in with this reallly fast runner (so that the teams are fair) Of course when I ran...coughwalkcough... i would give up at some point and walk... then catch up to my partner and tap his had to signal him to run the next lap.

Apparently later on... my friend was there waiting for her partner while i'm running. my partner was cheering for me while i was running (how sweet) but as soon as i broke down to a walk he was like:
D: nooooooo~~ at least run!! come on! runnn~~!
my legs were super tired, so i had to disappoint my partner, but i thought he was funny :D


lol. maybe that's why i hate running. but nevertheless, I suck at running, so dont ask me to race you though the hallway, cause i won't try. :P

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