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Monday, March 14, 2005

Me~ *sitting at the windowsill watching thr rain*

Marik~ wow! she's seems very calm

Vash~ *walks in* that's cause the rain usally makes her all calm and what not!

Me~ VASHY!!! *runs up and hugs him* yaaaaay your back!! =^-^=

Vash~ ^-^! *blushes alittle, hugs me back*

Inuyash~ *walks in* hello!! *waves insanely*

Me~ Inuyasha!! *hugs*

Inuyasha~ *hugs back* there's alot of people here

Hiei~ indeed!!

Me~ yay! Hiei!! *runs up and hugs him*

Hiei~ ^-^ *hugs back* hey when did you get cat ears...?

Sesshy~ and a cat tail?

Me~ uhhh iono

Vash~ *pets my ears*

Me~ *purrs*

Miroku~ heh *grins*

Me~ *glares* don't even think about it!

Miroku~ what? *has innocent look*

Me~ riiight...

Kurama~ hello!

Me~ Kurama!!! *runs and hugs him*

Kurama~ *blushes alittle and hugs back*

Miroku~ hey I didn't get a hug!

Me~ that's cause I don't trust you! everytime I hug you you always touch me!

Miroku~ aww...

Bakura~ *dances around me* haha Im going to make you dizzy!

Me~ then I'll be me? but Im already me

Bakrura~ so? I'll make you you again!

Me~ Im confused!

Bakura~ yeah me too!

Heie~ wow! this is one mental home type a thing!

Sesshy~ indeed!

Marik~ HOBO!!

Y.Marik~ *takes deep breath and says really fast* you be fearin' the hobo's they will like steal your eyes then you'll be all like 'noooo Im blind!!' and the hobo will be like 'ha-nah I made you blind!!' you~ nooooooo I don't wanna be blind!! I want to see!' hobo~ well to bad! cause I made you blind anyway!!'

Me~ heehee indeed what he said! and the sad thing is I understood what you said!

Yugi~ ok dang! you ate like a whoa dang lot of candy cause you said that really like really fast man!

Y.Marik~ yesh I know! well I had like 2 bags of pixy stix!

Me~ mmmmm pixy stix! I haven't had any in a while!

Joey~ fwoooooosh!

Hiei~ RAIN!!!!

Me~ indeed! *goes outside and sits on porch watches the lightning flash*

Inuyasha~ dood she like got calmed really fast!

Bakura~ indeed!

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