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Sunday, March 13, 2005

dundundunnn... Hi-o!!! guess what???!! this ishn't Dizzy-izzle-izzle-izzle person fwiendy thing!! nope nope!! this be her best fwiendy Pins! *dances* Dizzy izzle-izzle ish toooo busy pwaying FF11 to come and post teh wittle lazy ting! ^-^ hehehe, we all love her anyways tho... I think.. Idunno.. *scratches head*.. DOOMSQUEE!!! ha-nah! *dances happily* dododododododoooooooooooooooooooooooo ha-nah! O's! you betta be fearin' them extra O's for if you don't they will come and O you and you will be all 'AHH! I got O'd!! why oh why did I not listen to Pinsy-izzle-izzle?!?! WHHHYYY?? *sob*' yurp yurp ya will!! *nodnod* uh-huh ya know why? Cause DOOM!!!! yuh-uh! doom ish eberywhere!!! *nodnod* ^-^!! POOOOOOOST! heehee!

Teh message for you.. from a dot!.. hehe, ha-nah! not really, I'm Pins! haha, don't ya know the diffrence from a dot and a pin? *shakes head* shame on you for not knowing the diffrence!!!

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