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Thursday, March 10, 2005

crap! I just had the story for today typed up, but then I hit a button iono which one and it deleted teh story, and now I can't remember what I typed!!! *sobs*

Atem~ it ok Diz! you'll think up of something *hugs me*

Me~ ...yeah I guess *hugs back*

Atem~ *gropes me* hehehe

Me~ ahh! *smacks* why did you do that?

Atem~ well I had to if Im gonna be like Miroku!

Me~ ooooh yeah! heehee oops me forgot!

Atem~ yeah I figured you would! and oww dang why does the monk like to do that when it hurts?

Me~ hmmm... *thinks* maybe cause he's used to gettin' smacked?

Yugi~ yeah prolly

Y.Marik~ you know what after eatin' sooooo many doughnuts ther're actually pretty good! *eats some doughnuts*

Bakura~ cookies are better!

Y.Marik~ no doughnuts are

Bakura~ COOKIES!!


Bakura~ you don't know what your talking about your too stupid!

Y.Marik~ I know Im stupid and so are you!

Bakura~ no Im sm-sma-r-t smart SMART!! see I can say smart can you?

Y.Marik~ uhh... sma sma-r sm-ar-t smart! ha-nah! I can say it to!

Me~ go you!! Im so proud that you can say smart! it almost brings a tear to me eyes... wait never mind it already came *wipes tear away*

Y.Marik/ Bakura~ *has proud smile*

Yugi~ this calls for a party!!

Joey~ woooooooot!!

Tea~ I think I'll go and cook something!

Joey~ yaaaaaaay foooooooood!!

Atem~ hungry?

Joey~ maaaayyyybe!

Bakura~ ooolala

Joey~ indeed

Atem~ *stares at me*

Me~ what I got a boogie? *wipes nose*

Bakura~ *looks at me* whoa thats cool!

Me~ whats cool?

Yugi~ here* hands mirror*

Me~ *takes mirror and see black cat ears* weeeeeeee kitty ears!! =^-^=

Y.Marik~ *pets my ears*

Me~ *purrs* =^-^=

Yugi~ hey look you got a black tail!! *pulls tail*

Me~ hey don't pull on that!! *grabs tail from Yugi* mine!

Yugi~ butbut *pouts* I wanna play with it!!

Me~ no

Yugi~ but... *has sad puppy dog eyes* pwease!

Me~ uhh... fine...

Yugi~ YAY! ^-^ *plays with tail*

Me~ heehee... dododoooooooo

Bakura~ *pushes Y.Marik away,then pets my ears*

Y.Marik~ hey I was there first!

Me~ *purrs*

Bakura~ yay your purring!!

Me~ =^-^=


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