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Friday, March 4, 2005

~Truth or Dare Part 2~

Inuyasha~ Diz truth or dare?

Me~ truth!

Inuyasha~ how many times do you say 'weee' in an hour?

Me~ uhhh... *thinks* alot! I like to say weee!!! Vash truth or dare?

Vash~ dare

Me~ ok I dare to fly!

Vash~ ok *goes outside and gets on the roof* ready?

All~ *nods*

Vash~ OK!! *jumps off, flaps arms like a bird* weeeee Im a-*falls with a thud* ouch!

Me~ *dies laughing*

Vash~ *recovers from fall* ok Diz truth or dare?

Me~ uhhh.... dare

Vash~ I dare you not to say weee

Me~ what? no thats evil!!

Hiei~ but you said dare! so you gotta

Me~ ugh... fine! my turn again!!! ok Sesshy truth or dare?

Sesshy~ dare

Me~ I dare you to hug Inuyasha

Sesshy~ *glares at me* fine... *walks over to Inuyasha, and hugs him*

Inuyasha~ wow... I get a hug from me brother!

Sesshy~ don't get use to it...
Kurama truth or dare?

Kurama~ dare

Sesshy~ I dare you and hiei to switch clothes and hairstyles!

Kurama~ I don't think I'll fit in his clothes

Inuyasha~ hey! if I can you can!

Hiei~ *glares at both* Im not that short!!

Me~ yeah! don't be dissin' the short people!!

*Kurama and Hiei switches clothes and hairstyles*

Me~ wow! Kurama you look weird with spikey hair!!

Kurama~ uhh thanks... I think? Inuyasha truth or dare?

Inuyasha~ dare

Kurama~ I dare you to be Sesshoamru and Sesshomaru be you

Inuyasha~ heh that'll be easy to be him!

Sesshy~ what's that supose to mean?

Inuyasha~ well its just that now your all mental and stuff!

Sesshy~ oooh ok! *puts on fake dog ears* look at me I gots doggy ears!!! they can dance!! *tries to make ears dance* dagnabbit! I forgot their not real!

Inuyasha~ weeeeeeeee *dances around like Sesshy* ok Sesshomaru truth or dare?

Sesshy~ dare

Inuyasha~ I dare you to switch outfits with Vash!

*Sesshy and Vash switches outfits*

Me~ I would never expect to see you wearin' red...

Sesshy~ ...yeah

AngelWingz(Angel)~ *poofs in* HIIIII!!! *waves*

Me~ hiya Angel! we're playin' truth or dare wanna play?

Angel~ yeah!! ^-^

Me~ yay!

Angel~ whos turn is it?

Inuyasha~ yours!

Angel~ ok... uhhh... lets see... ok this is for all of you!

All~ ok

Angel~ ok truth or dare?

All~ uhh dare/truth!

Me~ DARE!!

Inuyasha~ TRUTH!

Hiei~ TRUTH!

Kurama~ DARE!

Me~ grr! we're gettin' nowhere! lets play rock paper sissors!

Everyone~ ok...

Me~ rock paper sissors! *shows rock*

Inuyasha~ *had paper*

Kurama~ *rock*

Sesshy~ *sissors*

Vash~ *paper*

Hiei~ *sissors*

Me~ I win... no wait who wins?!?!?!

Inuyasha~ well that was stupid!

Angel~ ok I'll pick for you!!

All~ ok!

Angel~ ok I dare you guys to switch with the Yu GI Oh gang for one week...
Inu=Bakura, Hiei=Yugi, You=Mai, Kurama=Tea, Miroku=Atem, Sesshy=Joey, Vash=Y.Marik

Inuyasha~ well atleast this way we will get a break...

Me~ indeed!

ok I ran out of ideas! looks like tomorrow the Yu Gi Oh gang will be here in out place!!

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