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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hello to all those who may visit! Teh Dizzy ish doing pretty good. The older I get the more I feel like I'm 150 and dying.
Enough about me! How is everyone else doing?
Good I hope.

This one hear is picking up where I left off.

Dizzy- *Thinks*( Uh-oh! I bet Vash DID hear all the commotion and went and told the guys.)

Kurama- Uh, Dizzy?

Dizzy- Yeah? -Nervous smile-

Kurama- Well I'm sure you already know that Vash told us what happened.

Dizzy- Wh- What do you mean?! -Gets even more nervous-

Kurama- He told us you were outside his window peaking in...

Dizzy- So he knew I was there and yet he STILL came out wearing nothing but a towel! -Gets anime vein and smoke starts coming out of meh ears- Oh he is so dead!

Kurama- o.O... Okay -Looks at watch that's not even there- Well it looks like it's time to go now. -Starts to leave-

Dizzy- Oh no you don't! -Pulls him back down-
I've got a plan. -Starts laughing like a maniac-

Kurama- Uh-oh. -Gets scared-

And you people will have to wait 'till next time.

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