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Friday, January 18, 2008

Dizzy: -Sitting in a box outside in front of Vash’s room-

Vash: -Ish taking a shower-

Dizzy: -Looks at watch- A 2 hour shower! C’mon already! Get out and go to bed, so that way I can watch you sleep at night. Mwuahahahaha….-Coughs-

Hiei: -Comes back from the store, see’s Dizzy sitting in a box- o.O? Uhm Dizzy?

Dizzy: Shush!

Hiei: But, what are you doing?

Dizzy: I’m waiting for Vash to go to bed.

Hiei: Why? Are you gunna knock on the window and say ‘Lucy I’m hooooome!!’?

Dizzy: Pssh! No, I’m gunna watch him sleep. –Has a big smile-

Hiei: Dizzy you nee….

Dizzy: Sshh! He comes!

Vash: -Comes in the room wearing nothing but a towel-

Dizzy: Meep! –Blushes like mad- Oh my!

Hiei: No it’s a trap!! –Tackles Dizzy to the ground-

Dizzy: Ooof!

Vash: Wha? –Looks at the window-

Dizzy: -Still blushing, and whispers- Okay he wasn’t supposed to come out wearing nothing but a towel. Usually he comes out wearing clothes.

Hiei: Maybe he knew what you were up too?

Dizzy: Maybe, nah He’s not that smart.


Vash: -Grins- Heehee, I wonder if Dizzy liked what she saw. –Puts on his pajama’s, and goes into the living room-

Inu: Well it’s about time you got out! Geez, there are other people who would like to not smell…

Yusuke: Like a dog? –Bursts out laughing-

Inu: -Glares at Yusuke- Shut up!

Kurama: -Laughs a little-

Inu: You to fox boy!

Vash: -Still grinning-

Kurama: -Looks at Vash- Why are you grinning?

~~ Inu and Yusuke stops fighting and stares at Vash~~

Vash: Well, let’s just say that Dizzy is STILL blushing and wont stop thinking about me for a while.

Kurama: What did you do to poor Dizzy?

Vash: -Grins-

~~Back outside with Me and Hiei~~

Dizzy: -Still blushing- Hiei you idiot!

Hiei: What did I do?

Dizzy: You yelled and then tackled me to the ground! He probably heard all the commotion! Gah!

Hiei: Yeah well, he could have dropped his towel and then what? You would be scarred for life!

Dizzy: -Stares up in space, and thinks “Well now, I don’t know if I would be scarred for life, maybe just for a few minutes. Gah! What am I thinking?! What is wrong with me? I shouldn’t be thinking about this.”-

Hiei: Hello anybody in there? –Knocks on Dizzy’s head-

Dizzy: Huh wha….

Hiei: What were you thinking just now?

Dizzy: Nooooothing.

Hiei: Nothing, or something. –Suspicious look-

Dizzy: I doooon’t know.

Hiei: Mhm…. –Stares at Dizzy-

Dizzy: Don’t look at me like that. –Looks away-

Hiei: Well should we go back in?

Dizzy: I don’t think I’ll be able to look at Vash without blushing. You can go back in, but I think I might stay out here for a while. At least until he goes to bed.

Hiei: Dizzy I… -Gets cut off by Kurama walking out-

Kurama: -Comes walking out- Hey Dizzy?

Dizzy: Oh hey Kurama! –Waves-

Kurama: Can I speak with you?

Dizzy: Uh, yeah sure.

Kurama: Alone… -Looks at Hiei-

Hiei: Alright I’ll leave. –Goes back in-

And that’s where I end it! Wonder what Kurama wants to speak to me about.
-Shrugs- Who knows. Hope everyone who reads this is doing well!
-Hugs all and gives cookies-

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