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Friday, May 5, 2006

hello everybody! i hope you guys are doing good. this week has been good i guess. School seemed to go by slowly maybe its because of all the track meets which make me super tired. BlA im now having thoughts of quitting track. I dont even know why i joined. The whole team sucks pretty much since theres not enough people to be put in the races. But i need to stay fit, thats the main reason why i joined and also because I dont have anything better to do at my house. But seriously im nowhere near good at running. But im not gonna spend time ranting on about track, because there wouldnt be any point. We only have a few more meets until the track season is over. So might as well stay on the team. I just brought that up because sooner or later theres not going to be anyone to hang with at practice and meets.

Maybe im just complaining that today was one of the hardest practices ever. gRr Mr. Flohr is evil!!! He was mad today because we did awful at our last meet, so he decided to take out his anger on us. You cant expect people to do good at events that they have never ran before. So he decides to make this Friday one of the hardest practices ever. He forced everybody to run under 4 minutes for the half mile. And because two girls didnt make it he made us run another 2 laps. Then he made us run 1/4 of mile or one lap under 2 minutes. It was so fffing hard. BLAA i hate track. Mr. flohr is planning to put me in the sectionals, psh yeah right as if. Pushing us so hard at practice wont do us any good, not like im magically going to impove on my time, not going to happen lol

well other than that, schools been pretty boring. I have many projects to finish up over the weekend. And im too tired to get to it. If i dont get to ur sites today, ill promise to visit some other time. Right now im going to go relax my legs are aching in pain from running today. ttyl najibah loves you!!

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