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Friday, August 24, 2007

hey peoples well school has offically started for me .I did enjoy coming back. but im going to get tired by next week. so far weve only had two days. i kind of like my classes. but i have to wake up to spanish. here is my schedule: Spanish
Cons Ed
i have art like last year 6th hour but i dont have the same teacher! and i chose her. it totally sucks im going to miss people who were in my art class. it was pretty much my funnest hour. but now all the seniors are gone..that were cool. now i have these two other girls. you guys wont know but their names are Becky and Miranda there both whores lol but dont tell them i said that...im not so excited for that part. the teachers suck..luck me it had to be for spanish and chemistry. they bore me to death. the chemisty lady didnt even know what time the class would be over and she has written it on her board. she asked us where it was and she was standing right under it. lololo. theres this really annoying kid i know from art that sits behind me and bothered me so much today. well i have to go. im going to be changing this layout i dont like all the pink. does anybody think i should do a harry potter one? except nikki of course ^_^

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