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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

last time i updated it said i had 17 days left until school starts now i have 1 but i dont count today. So i go back on this thursday!

yesterday i went with vanessa to go see harry potter 5. we planned to go see it when she came back so i didnt watch it yet. we havent seen each other since last summer! gosh i wore heels and i still came short to her. i think im never going to grow.(im like 5'1").

the movie wasnt as good as i hoped it to be. not too many funny parts. i had alot of coffee yesteraday and couldnt sleep so almost fell asleep at the theaters. lolol personally my favs was 2nd and 4th one. Which movie is your fav?

im going to be working on a new layout its based on hello kitty.

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