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Monday, July 9, 2007

quick update.

i went to chicago on the 26th of june. i have not been here for a while. so i guess ill update. i went with my dad because he had a ceminar. my dad gets to stay at fancy hotels as he travels and luckily since it was summer i could go for free. we stayed at the palmer house hilton. which is the biggest and one of the best hotels in america. :) it was exciting. the hotel is over a hundred years and like john f kennedy and some other presidents did campaigns there its really pretty. there are like 23 floors. and the hotel is located in the heart of down town chicago. so attractions are just a few miles away. i went to the millenium park which opened a few years ago. its great they spent like a billion dollars for it. here are some pics. we bought a new camera there but not a memory card because were to cheap since we have one at home. so i could take like 7 pics. it sucked. this ones not mine but this is 'the bean'
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i went to the fountain too i dont know the name. this man drew a pic of me there which seemed for ever.

walking to millenium park

millenium park. (not mine) [the fountains with the faces shoot water and water comes pouring down. everyday ppl go there in their swimming suits and take a shower.] i didnt want to return to the hotel wet, it would be kinda bad.

when i would get bored i could just walk to stores like forever 21 claires payless wetseal old navy. i didn't buy much tho. urban outfitters had a place for some books they were really whacky subjects. like 100 things to do bfore u die. and others i cant remember. i spent a lot of time just looking through the books.

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