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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

summer break has offically started

well atleast it has been since june 30th since i was exempted from my finals. some other schools that are not 186 had no choice. all you had to do was have good grades for you third and fourth quarter like no ds or fs and a certain grade point average. missed no less than four days and have no less than 2 detentions or inhouse, suspensions, etc. i was so glad or other wise school would have ended just yesterday and that would have totally sucked.

lets try and summerize my last days. well it dragged on. we had a litter school fight. nothing too extreme just a little fries and chocolate milk
got some seniors. there so immature. it wasnt funny. our table was far back from the main area. but there was people throwing stuff behind us. it almost got someone. this annoying kid piff threw a soda bottle and it hit a random person. she like fell to the floor. he hid and i was trying to control my laugh. it wasnt that bad no serious injuries. hahah

i went to my brothers graduation on june 2nd. i thought it would be the longest 60 minutes ever. but guess not. we sat in the back and could barely see my brother when he recieved his diploma. so i grabbed my camera and went up close when they started calling out names. surprisingly they went backwards. which is convient because our last name
is Zaman which begins with a Z. it went really fast. i knew alot of people graduating. i was kinda sad cuz three of my senior friends werent going to be in my art class and they are like the life of the party in that class. they make laugh every time i stop by their table. we got some pics. hey if u have a facebook tell me and ill add you. ^___^

yup well dontt wanna write too much cuz i dont think anyones gonna read this. but i bet were all so excited for summer break!! cya and watch out for a new layout ~jiba

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