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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

hey you guys atleast i got one new comment. well this is my week off for spring break. damn its already tuesday. time flies by fast. anyways thanks for one comment. i felt accomplished. hpefully new people didnt visit and get disapointed cuz my guestbook was screwed up. i fixed the link now. so i might be keeping this layout up for a while or not. i finished like three myspace layouts..

more layouts



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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Its been so loooooooong since ive lasted posted. sorry guys busy with school and homework. I have two essays to type today!

So lets catch up on my life. schools been boring, boring and more boring I switched to art class for second semester. im enjoying it. ive done some painting and a mosiac, it looks great ^___^;

about my new layout you like it? Avril Lavigne shes my all time favorite rocker. ill see if i can put up some music. i hate her new single "girlfriend". she sounds like hilary duff now thats icky her cds out this April and its title The Best Damn Thing She had more fun with this cd and she got married to Deryck from Sum 41. what a cute couple! i love the song for eragon...keep holding on.

My friend Reem and I went to see the movie Prestige a long time ago. thats the latest movie ive seen. It was pretty good. They keep on performing and end up messing up and they invent this trick which is impossible and they end up getting killed almost. so im going. outta here bye comment on the layout loves ~JIBA

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Friday, December 1, 2006

yes today school got cancelled because of the snow that jsut had to fall on us. it started at the end of the day on thursday. sleet/ hail shit it was icy and slippery and people were falling. we got the news on tv and by 9 oclock it was snowing up to one inch. its now like 10 inches or soemthing. my brother broke his car again i swear this si hsi third time. i mean the snow messed up his bumper or something. and i swear were gonna go broke some day because of his gay ass car actually its really nice its a black nissan which he doesnt take me anywhere with. god i am fuckign bored. so i spent two hours sorting my icons and avril lavigne images as well as book marks on the computer. i also am proud of how i organized and cleaned my drawers full of clothes. i also did laundry. my clothes smell really good. lolol. talk to you laters im sorry if i dont get to your sites in a while. wait il break or something. much love to the people who read. peace out! ~jiba

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Monday, September 11, 2006

aHH high school is estupendo!! (which means wonderful in spanish) everywhere you go you see new faces while passing through the hallways! god for once i actually want to go to school =P cute boys, awesome teachers, heavenly food, and new friends.

Yes and i forgot to mention my new layout. The theme is "breaking loose" even though it doesnt have anything to do with my song which is by the way, hello? daphne loves derby. which is currently my favorite band. I first had Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Tell me baby but it got a little annoying. So tell me if you love it. cuz i sure like the colors. I still have to fix my scroll box. i was looking for a rainbowy gradient background. but im having some difficulties in that right now.

Today we played football in P.E. class. i like sports but i hate having to smell bad through out the whole day, it so sick. i was getting pissed off at all the balls flying in the air. some kids were throwing at each other and then it hit Hanami in the head. i just wanted to tell that kid off. UGH XP

HAHAHA omg VANESSA you'll laugh at this. today we know our nancy how slow she is sometimes. we'll we were going to the band room for something and on our way we stopped to talk to a friend. then we came out of the building and walked to our bus stop. just then we realized that the yellow buses were moving! OMFG we missed the bus!! help!! hahah it was all nancys fault. that was the 2nd day i missed it and it was nancys 3rd ;D we ended up having to take the city buses and i had to cross this huge street! but it was fun.

Yup thats it for now ill be visiting your sites now. ttyl love jiba

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

hey everybody? how are you all doing? well Najibah is back at the otaku. ive been gone for some while. Even in summer i didnt get much on the computer. i dont know why i was just being lazy. anyway we went to bangladesh over the summer. it was pretty amazing. everything there is so cheap, its like literally heaven. you can buy practically anything with 5 bucks. in dhaka 1 dollar is equal to 70 taka there and with 100 taka you can get a dvd. so we pretty much bought like 20 dvds for 14 dollars! we had to bargain though...we also brought ba lahengas and salawar qamises which is basically the traditional clothing they wear. WE brought back so much food!! the food is amazingly good. im not surprised i gained so much weight. :[ we stayed there for more than a month the i pretty much stayed home all summer.

On the 19 of august most of our family from bangladesh and america came for our cousins marriage. we have too much family...too bad all of them couldnt come. Our cousin whos 25 whos now a lawyer got married to a doctor and we had so much partying going on. first we had the reception then like 40 of us including some other bamngalis helped set up things for the biah. I was stuck with my neice who was like only 8. She kept on bugging the hell out of me! it was BEAUTIFUL I love my cousins. That had to be my high light of the summer. We went to the state fair on the last day but we only went on a few rides haha my cousins looked like retards riding in bumper cars.

Now ill talk about how high school has started for me. the sad part to it is that my best friend in the wholoe wide world Vanessa a.k.a. bebopinutrigun isnt coming with us. so many years in springfield but now she has to go to boarding school. =[ she doesnt know how much we miss her. I never thought school would be so much fun!! I've already signed up for Spanish club and made friends and theyre are so many new hot guys. i love how big the school is, i still get lost trying to find my way to classes. my vanessa isnt going to be with me any more ;(

Now that im back i will be workign on my next layout soon. its going to be so great...even though i have no idea what its going to be about lol. ill try my best to vist you guys. sorry that i havent been here for such along time myotaku friends.

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Friday, June 9, 2006

hey you guys sorry that i havent been here in forever. i just want you to know that i love you guys for still commenting.

i cant believe summer is finally here. yesterday was our last day ever....I got very emotional. i couldnt help but cry because so many of my friends were. awww the end of the year no more franklin middle school ever. I cant believe it, im a 9th grader!!

Yesterday nancy and vanessa came to party at my house. there wasnt much we could do but we still had fun. we pretty much just watched tv, ate food, slept, and ate some more. I got cooking lessons from nancy lol. we cooked tuna fish sandwiches and made soup. vanessa and nancy even tasted some bangali food!

Ok so theres a end of the year party my friend maggie is having but the thing is that i got invited but she never gave me the invitation. so i dont know what to do...then tonight i have a softball game.

I love the feeling of summer where like every morning is just another beggining to an amazing day and it feels like paradise because theres no work. And this year im so excited because were going to Bangladesh. We're going to visit our family because my grandparents arent doing that great.

So well im off to ur websites talk to yall laters much love!

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Friday, June 2, 2006

HEY EVERYONE! Iím sooo sorry I havenít been here. My computer kinda of shut off on me and we finally fixed it. we agve it to the computer people and they found virus or something and they had to install antispyware and crap. Im just so glad I have my computer back lol!

Anyway, so today really made my week. I canít believe this school year is coming to an end. We have less than 3 days left!!! Today we got our yearbooks so we pretty much went around getting people to sign today because they arenít giving us the last day to do that even after that petition XP. I was thinking so hard on what to write to each other so weíd be able to remember the good times together. I even wrote a full page in vanessaís year book because thatís how much fun weíve had in the past years, I just couldnít stop because thatís how awesome she is, trust me you could never have a better friend than her! I love you Vanessa

And by the end of the day I felt so sad because I just realized how Iím going to miss so many of my friends. Some of them will be moving to other states and high schools, and leaving me which includes Vanessa, sheís going to a boarding school in Chicago which makes me really sad. She isnít going to be with me next year ;___; But we still have the summer to hang out and chill and during her breaks we can still hang!

But yeah Iím just really down that I will never see some people ever again. We grew up together from elementary school when everything was slow, and now it just seemed like it went by so fast. I felt like I should have cherished every single moment of my life when I still little, I mean I always thought I would never grow up but now I'm like gonna become 15 and going to 10th grade and then college and then I'm gonna go visit places like...okay...maybe I'm going just a wee bit too far lol!

BUT YEAH I DONíT WANT TO GET OUT OF SCHOOL! At least not right now. Well I have to go and try to deal with my emotions. Since todayís Friday and I donít have any homework and studying because were done with finals. Hooray!! Iím going to visit your sites Well ttyl ~jiba

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

NAjIbaH feels like posting so she is going to do so. not many things are going on besides me studying for finals. im taking a break from all that reading, it hurted my eyes ;__; XP I have to say I want stuff to be over with so I can rest for a while. Im so ready for the summer! heres something: -* summer bAby'
TAKE ME THERE continuing on..I haven't even got around to working on my layout yet. I think its going to be based on kingdom hearts again because i found tons of good wallpaper and im going easy with the codes instead of the side menu style thingy. I still have to do two more projects that are due the same week of the finals!! UGHH I want to just stop...well i better go now talk to yall laters~jiba

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hey!! Its time for najibahs daily updates^_^ im not going to write about much since not a lot has been happening except the end of the year is coming soon. But my computer had a major melt down and completely died on me yesterday >_< I was in the middle of making a layout too, so there went my codes! Evil viruses attacked that thing badly, it doesnt even stay on for like more than 10 minutes >_<. Luckily I still have the laptop, but it doesnít have any programs since we bought it few months ago for the reason my computer messed up many times like this before. Hopefully my computer will be fixed soon because I cant survive a day without it! Lol but anyways im not going to be around to visit you guys much this week. I have some studying for finals and some projects to finish up. So wish me luck! Sends love to you all!~jiba

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