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Thursday, November 22, 2007

my emo carebear
so cute!... and EMO!!!

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HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! today, since my dad is in masechusets (if u dont know why read the post below) we are having mac and cheese with fish stix and motzerella stix. and for desert we are having pumpkin pie. next weekend, though, we are having the big feast. so when YOU are having mac & cheese, ill be having a feast! lol

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i have some bad news. im on the phone with my dad whos in massechusets. hes there because hes spending time with my grandpa, who was recently diagnosed with namonia. but heres the story from the begingin. (if u dont like really sad storys then i advise you dont read any further. dont say i didnt warn you.) first, he had prostate cancer. then the doctors put raio-active seeds in his system to fight off the cancer cells. that didnt work. then he got constapated. then he had non-stop diahrea. on sunday, my grandma and my aunt FINALLY decided to bring him to the hospital because he was so weak he couldnt move. now he is stuck to an IV for energy.

that is my sad story. just so you know, it took a lot of guts to post that.

on a much happier note, we are babysitting a weiner dog for my moms friend. if someone would be nice enough to tell me how to post pictures, i would. thx!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

hello peoples! i felt so emo in the shower today. i was shaving and i cut up my knees really bad... maybe it was on purpose... maybe it wasnt...
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just another screwed up post. dont take time out of your life to comment. hold the urge... hold it... c'mon... you can do it...lol
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hi. im bored. this was a screwed up comment so im trying to think of something to say... it was the post about me being emo in the shower.
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

hello! im back from the walk! i had a lot of fun. my legs kinda hurt cuz, genius me, i didnt even stretch before we started! oh well! thats all for today! bye!
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Friday, November 16, 2007

hi! i just finished watching "Wild Hogs". it was a really good movie! it was really funny! tomarro I have to go to the walk for autism for my skool. its a 3 and a half mile walk, so ill get good exersize! i have to be at me skool by 7:15 A FREAKIN M! haha! that sounds funny! well, ill post when im done to tell you how it was!
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

howdy peoples! im bored out out of my mother freakin mind! lol! im at my cousin/uncles house for his bday. my brother bein a turd face cuz he got in trouble earlier for leaving his homework at home. it was HILARIOUS!!!

I got one of the parts i wanted in my drama class today! we have a peformance coming up and im really excited!!!

i also havnt been able to type for CRAP since we started this new "fast type" thing at skool. i swear god its been screwin me up!!!

on a MUCH BETTER note, i am here to ask how many of u have gaia accounts. if not, and u want to get 1 just to talk to me (lol) then the site is gaiaonline.com. if u do have an account, my name is i luv u peoples! (plus the exclamation point!) no, im not tryin to give the site some publisity, but i guess i just did. and road, i no who u are so u dont have to tell me!!! ttyl!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

hello everyone! my little bro is reading everything i say, and its getting ANNOYING! we are waiting on his club penguin thingie to HURRY UP so he can get off my back! i am getting REALLY annoyed cuz he wont leave me alone! *go away turd face!!!!!* sry, i had to teach a lesson. hes like "check! check!" and im like "wait!!!" well, i gtg cuz now hes telling on me! i most go in my defense! bye! wait... hes getting in trouble, not me! yay! ok, im really going now! ttyl!
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