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Sunday, January 27, 2008

time: 1:44 PM

Omg am I the only one who feels like they could just float right off the ground right now?!?!?!

If the title or my happiness didn't give it away then I'll just tell you flat-out . . . ZETSU WAS ON NARUTO LAST NIGHT!!!!!! And although it was only a ten second premier(sp?) it is one that I wouldn't miss even if my house was on fire! His voice was PERFECT! I especially liked his white half's voice (the two halves were conversing with each other ^-^ ). And omg he was so SMEXY!!! Of course he becomes ALOT cuter in the Shippuden when his face sort of matures but for now this was enough ^-^

Okay that's really about all I wanted to say. I got some homework to finish before Monday sneaks up on me so later guys!

~Colleen the Great~X_X

p.s. I might change up the site to celebrate Zetsu's debut . . . but I'm not sure yet =/

Souji Okita

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

   Quick Update
time: 8:05 PM

Hey hey! My mom wants me off the web by 8:30 so I'll make this real quick kay?

I know I know, I haven't really been an active member of the internet community lately. Sorry. I had MidTerms and still have them this week so I've been real busy. Tuesday I take my last ones, Spanish and Geometry so I'm pretty confident in those two areas. But yea just wanted to apologize if you thought I was slacking on you guys (I know Neko-chan's probably freaking out on D.A. don't worry I'll get our PM started again soon =] ).

I have off tommorow which is sort of awesome. It would be completely awesome if my dad didn't have off as well. He's been really pissing me off lately =___=. Oh yea! And my mom's birthday is this Tuesday. She's going to be 48! My brother's was a couple weeks ago on the 10th. I'm not sure if I told you that or not. He turned 20!

I made some cupcakes this weekend. They were pretty beastly. They were chocolate with strawberry frosting and sprinkles. But get this. I went one step further and added chocolate chips inside! Yea . . . they, were, AWESOME! I have dubbed them the UltaChocolatey Super Awesome Mega Cupcakes! No stealing! It's been patented =P

. . . OMG!!!!! Okay I was just doing some research to find out when Zetsu will finally appear on the English episodes. Brace yourself . . . NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! The very first episode too!!!! OMG OMG OMG I'M FREAKING OUT OVER HERE!!!! Yahoo Zetsu ahoy!!!
Umm..... uh.... okay! I'm going to go prance around my house in a happy chibi fashion. See ya!

*runs around house screaming 'Zetsu!'*
Parents: . . . o-O . . .

~Colleen the Great~X_X

Souji Okita

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Monday, January 14, 2008

   Site Change Up!
time: 3:41 PM

Hey guys!

Yet another site change. This time it's Tyki Mikk from D. Gray-Man *swoons* Is the font hard to read? I think so but I have yet to find a color that works =/

Well things are pretty much done with Billy. For me at least. He's still crazy for me but . . . I don't know I just don't like him like that. I never did in the begining anyways. Emily took what I said to her and changed it up WAY to much. What I meant was that he could always be an option. Don't you ever look at your guy friends and for a split second wonder what it would be like if you were together? But you don't even think of them that way? Well that's what I meant but she took it really wrong. Dara has a stalker now too. So we're both going to go to each others stalker and break the news to them. Dara said she'd tell Billy tommorow and I hope she does. Today he walked me to Gym, waited in line with me at lunch, and sat at my lunch table. And Dara said that he told her that there was something he wanted to do but 'was scared to ask'. So she better hurry! I just hope he's not too upset. Because I still want to be friends. This whole Billy thing is just becoming too frustrating and stressful I just need to quit while I'm ahead.

But on a lighter note I have now discovered what a chat room is like . . . very confusing. You could have like three conversations going on at once and not know what the hell is going on. On DA I'm in Neko.Lover's WildFangsClan and there was a chatroom set up for our clan. So I decided to just check it out and see what it was all about. The instant I got on there someone said 'Oh hey there Kiba' (my name's KibaLover93). And I was all like " . . . Dude, they can see me?!?! . . ." Then I looked over to the right and it showed my name under 'Guests'. Also I realized later that when someone enters the chatroom it will say 'so-and-so is logged on' . But it was fun we had alot of random conversations going on ^-^

Well guess that's enough. I'd hate to leave an extremely long post if you can't even read it =P
Ciao for now! ((( I've been saying that alot lately =/ )))

~Colleen the Great~X_X

p.s. Oh! One more thing! I learned a Spanish phrase the other day!
"Los gatos comer me amigos!"
It means the cats ate my friends X3

Souji Okita

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Monday, January 7, 2008

   Ello Luvs *says with British accent*
time: 3:40 PM

Okay! I'm hoping to make a big post today so prepare yourselves!

Let's start with Naruto on Saturday. What did everyone think of the new theme song? I thought it was pretty good. The only thing that made me sad was the fact that this officially meant Sakon was gone *sigh*. I tried looking really hard during the Akatsuki part to see if I could find Zetsu but I didn't see him. Because as any true Naruto fan knows, Zetsu makes his first appearance after Naruto and Sasuke's first fight which means . . . ZETSU IS COMING!!!!!! =D OMG I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Did you see that statue that Sasuke was standing on? Does anyone else know who it is? In case you don't that was Madara Uchiha a.k.a. Tobi! I told Jessie (WavesChan) that and she was all like "Omg no way he's hot!!!" well duh Jessie!
I laughed the first time Naruto punched Sasuke... and even more at the end when he kept on pounding him! As a Sasuke hater that to me was golden. However there was one part I didn't understand. Remember when Sasuke had Naruto by the collar and Naruto was struggling to break free? Why didn't he just kick Sasuke in the nuts? I mean they even showed that his foot was right there! Meh I thought it would have been pretty hilarious. At least that's what I would have done =/

Omg I am SO TIRED! Remember I was telling you guys about those two projects I had to do over the weekend. They kind of drained me of energy. And to top it all off Mrs.Ables wasn't even here today! And her project was the one that sucked away my entire Saturday! Oh well guess that's just the way it goes =/ . . .

Well I did it! Remember I was saying that I was going to make more of an effort to talk to Billy this morning. Well I did! And as a reward he came to C Lunch today ^-^. All my friends went up in line so I was all by myself and he came and sat next to me ^-^ . And to top it off I got to see Travis (a.k.a. His Majesty) five times today!!! That's like four more than usual. He was wearing a new jacket today and he looked so smexy in it ^-^ . But everytime I saw him I started to feel guilty because of Billy. *sigh* what am i going to do with myself?

Oh! I got new shoes this weekend! My old one were fallng apart. We went to Rehoboth because that's the closest place with a Journey's store. I only shop for shoes at Journey's. No one else! I like the pair I got. They're etnies(sp?) my very first pair ^-^. There was another pair of etnies there that I really liked but they didn't have my size. So mom said next time she gets a paycheck we'll go to the Journey's in Salisbury to see if they have my size. Isn't she the greatets? ^-^
OMG I DID THE STUPIDEST THING THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! Okay, you know that Final Fantasy game I was telling you guys about that Jessie let me borrow? Well I was feeling kind of bad about having it so long so I used one of my Christmas gift cards and bought my own. it came Saturday. So since I had my own now I decided to start another game to see what would happen if I gave the Ultimate Sphere to the Youth League instead of New Yevon. So I start playing the game, I find the first Save Sphere and decide to save the game. Get this . . . I SAVED IT OVER MY OTHER GAME!!!!! The game in which I was more then half way done! The game in which I have spent two whole months giving my heart and soul into beating!!!! I started screaming my head off! My mom who was in the bedroom came running out asking what was wrong. All I could do was point at the T.V. and speak random depressed jibberish. You can not even IMAGINE how mad I was at myself! I was ready to punch my face in! . . . but instead I just cryed . . . =[

*sigh* Well I'd hate to leave this extremely long post on a bad note. So to make things better I don't have any homework tonight =D Plus my parents are leaving at five because my dad has a doctor's appointment. So I'll have the WHOLE HOUSE to myself! WOOT! Because I highly doubt my brother will be home anytime soon. Ever since college let out for the season he's been transforming into his old self again. Which means I don't see him as often *does a little dance*

~Colleen the Great~X_X

p.s. Arigato to anyone who was loyal enough to read that whole thing ^-^ Lord knows even I wouldn't have =P

Souji Okita

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Friday, January 4, 2008

   Busy Week!
time: 5:09 PM

Man for someone who only had three days of school this week I'm bushed!

Omg I have two projects due on Monday! How unfair is that? It's for English and Science. Speaking fo Science oh how I hate that class =____= . Mrs.Ables is nice and all but soemtimes she expects us to know something when we don't! But I have a C in her class so if I don't get this project done and do it right my grade just might drop to an F.
Much didn't happen with Billy this week. Though I'm getting a little worried because both today and yesterday he went to B Lunch instead of C Lunch (which I have). Emily told me that yesterday he said to her that I don't really talk that much to him. Want to know why? Because I don't know what to talk about!!! I started writing down a list of things we could discuss but then trashed the idea later. Here are some things that were on it:
-opinion on global warming
-agree with abortion?
-fave type of music
-do you like Bush?
-what's in Area 51?
-agree with gay marrage?
-boxers or briefs

But like I said I trashed the idea. However on Monday I'm going to try really hard to make conversation. Wish me luck! =]

Hmmm, I've been thinking I'm going to change my site layout (again?!?). I really like GodChild but I'm worried the theme might make a false impression on my personality. You know what I mean? Like if someone were to come to this site for the very first time they'd never have guessed that it belonged to a hyper chibi girl would they? So yup it's gunna change. Into what I haven't the slightest idea.

I got one of Iruka Sensei's prizes done. I've decided to do all my prize pictures in chibi format just because it's easier for me. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

Prize #1 For Iruka Sensei

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Well, guess that's about it for me. I probably won't be on all weekend due to these two projects. So till next time ciao for now!

~Colleen the Great~X_X

Souji Okita

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

   How's Things?
time: 5:17 PM

Ah so here we are on a wonderful Wednesday evening. I went back to school today. *sigh* such is life for vacation to end so soon.

But hey! 2008 is here! Hope it's a good one eh?

Neko.Lover finally convinced me to get a DA account. My name on there is KibaLover93. It's an okay site I suppose but the messaging system SUCKS! This one is a whole lot better. Plus over there you can't customize your own webpages. Theotaku is definitley much better =]

hmmm . . . not really much more to say here. I got ALOT of homework to do tonight so I best get on it. Oh yea as for Billy I didn't get to see him that much today. Oh well guess there's always tommorow =]

~Colleen the Great~X_X

Souji Okita

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Friday, December 28, 2007

   Slow Day...
time: 7:32 PM

*yawn* is today over yet?

man what a boring day! all i did was lay around the house. ah well tommorow will be different.

I won't be on for a couple days me and my mom are headed upstate to visit my Aunt Karen. At the earliest I'll be back on Monday morning.

well that's all i really wanted to say i suppose. one of my pictures was in the featured section for a little while today. i drew Zetsu as a 19th century nobleman. he's even got long hair ^-^ take a look if you get a chance:

Lord Zetsu

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

See you guys Monday!

~Colleen the Great~X_X

Souji Okita

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

   Site Rebirth
time: 5:31 PM

Hi guys! Did you have a good Christmas?

Well I'll keep things short for today. As you can I see I have changed the site. I told you it would change after Christmas. This theme is Godchild. It's a new manga that I've started and it's great. My new favorite type of manga is gothic. And this byfar is the best gothic manga I've read. I like the main character; Cain. He collects poisons and though he's a young age he's earl to the richest family in England. You have to read it I defiantley recommend it. Especially if you're a gothic manga fan.

Christmas was pretty good. The best thing I got was a speaker system for my Ipod. I love it!

Hmmm, nothing much more to say so I guess I'll go get ready for dinner (salmon ~yuk~)

Here's some questions for ya:

1)What was your favorite Christmas present?
2)Any New Years resolutions?
3)Have you ever read Godchild?
4)What's your favorite genre (type) of manga?
5)Like the site?

~Colleen the Great~X_X

Souji Okita

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

   Happy Sunday!
time: 2:56 M

Hello everybody! How is your Sunday going?

Well my Christmas Vacation has begun and I'm sort of semi-happy about it. I'm just enjoying high school so much that sometimes I wish we didn't have vacation. Plus I miss Billy.... and my friends. BUT on the other hand it's Christmas! =D It's not really the whole presents thing I'm happy about just Christmas itself is enough to get me excited ^-^ . Plus I'm not going to be getting alot of presents this year. 5 in total according to my mom. Because usually she gets an incentive each year of about $900 which she uses towards Christmas presents. But this year a couple of her retarded employees who are about to retire have decided to slack off. Because she only gets the incentive if all her employees meet their quota. But like I said it's not about the gifts it just makes me mad that they'd do that to her *grumbles*

We finally decorated our Christmas tree yesterday! It looks really nice too =] I'll have to show you all the picture once photobucket decides to start working again. I also made a video of my rabbit, ClaraBell. Last year we bought her this little Santa hat and scarf that just looked so cute on her! But this year we could only find the scarf. Anyways I made the video of her with the scarf on and she was trying to bite it off. I really wish I could show you guys the video but since my computer is too slow for YouTube I doubt it would load the video =/

Naruto was pretty good last night. But I was really upset when Sakon and Ukon died. I actually cried... if it weren't for the fact that they were trying to kill my Kiba-kun I'd probably be ready to slaughter Kankuru. Because it was such a crewl way to die. *sigh* Oh well. I might draw a picture in their memory (though I still have a ton of contest pictures to do XO ). Next to Kiba and Zetsu, Sakon and Ukon wre the most kickass ninjas of that whole show. DON'T EVER FORGET THEM!!!

Haha guess that's about all from me ^-^ Have a wonderful Christmas (or Hanukah... Ramadan.... Kwanza...you get the point X3) everyone and I'll get back to you about that picture of our tree =]

~Colleen the Great~X_X

EDIT: Here's the Tree!!!


Souji Okita

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

   Feeling Better....but Still Sleepy...
time: 7:40 PM

Hi guys!

Well I have alot of homework tonight so I'm gunna keep it short again.

Feeling pretty good. My cold is almost gone. Pretty much just a sore throat. It was bad yesterday though.... I could actually feel my head swimming in mucus o-O (wonderful image isn't it?)

Still going good with Billy. Nothing really out of the ordinary...more then usual I mean. Except yesterday he started petting my head. Ha but you never know with this guy ^-^
And I got to see Travis twice today! I haven't seen him in so long... I almost forgot I liked him ^-^ . But everytime I see him if feel guilty because of the whole Billy thing. @.@

I beat that part on FF X-2 that I was talking about... now I'm stuck again trying to fight this aeon. My issue with him is that he drains away my MP which I need. I think I'm just gunna go fight some random fiends so that I can can get some more grenades and whatnot...because I can't buy them at the GullStore which really stinks..... haha does anyone have ANY CLUE what the heck I'm saying? XD Probably not.

Well the thought of everything I still have to do tonight is begining to freak me out so I'll just leave you there.
Sayonara everyone!

~Colleen the Great~X_X

Souji Okita

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