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i like inuYasha

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

   not on any more
sorry but i dont get to go on computer no more ps if u are wondering why im on now i am on the computer at Rhoyoko's house my friend bye my friends!!!!!!!!
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Friday, July 9, 2004

if u now knights of the zodiac one of my faverit shows what is your faverit charicter mine is hyoga! no due because my name is hyoga lol!!!tell me in comments ok bye 4 now!!!
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   i love link!!!!
i hate puple link i love green link this is my love link chart!!!
1.kid link
2.lee big link
3.green link
4.blue link
5.red link
6.puple link
and thats my link chart link is my faverit animay love dont forget its just animay i do love real peple like the simple plan singer lol^_^!!!i love link!!!
who wants me to put a chart of people i love in real life tell me in comments ok bye 4 now!!!!!

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Monday, June 21, 2004

guss what i got a new pet a cat its onge its 5 weeks old i love it i call him nako the japenies word 4 cat!!!
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Friday, June 11, 2004

   rrreeeeeeeaaaaaddddddddd read!!!
go yo achevies at the bottom of my page and look at all my quiz resalts!!!!!!!!!!!1please look!!!!
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Sunday, June 6, 2004

   my loves
1.link from zelda!
2.jim from out law!
3.tiydes from final fanisy x!
4.hyoga from knigts of the zodiac!dude!!!lol!!!
5.little and fucer trunks i like fucer trunks more thoe!!!!
6.moroco from inuyasha!
7.magic from ophen!
8.aron from hanisy x!
9.goten from dragon ball z little form!
10.marin from scorrewer hunters!
11.ophen from the show ophen!
12.carrot from scorrwer huters!
13.bercra from yu-gi-oh!
14.maric from yu-gi-oh!

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hes name is link errr not knight but i just love him yay but some times i do like being pica picachu!!!lol!!!
so dremmy i love him i love the movie!!!