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Monday, January 14, 2008

Okay guys, sorry for my last post complaining and then lack of posting afterwards.
Again, thank you to all my readers...and bear with me these next few weeks. I'll probably only be updating once a week anymore. I'll try and post more often, but my goal is once a week, folks. School and work and homework are keeping me super busy. I hope that all of you who are students are having a decent time in your classes as probably your second or third week of school are underway, and those in the work force, hope it's going well for you too! And for those students in the work force, more power to you.

Anyways, school. It's been pretty good. I get to take a lot of Liberal Arts classes this semester, and my only non-LA class is chemistry. My TA has a STRONG southern accent like no other, and it's entertaining to hear her talk about WoW. My other teachers are pretty cool too. My French teacher = hot.

Oh yeah, I kind of like a guy right now! His name is Nicolas (we all just call him Nico) and he's Colombian and works with me. He'd been talking to me quite a bit since this semester kicked off and then Saturday I offered for him to come to a Frat party with me, but the party bombed, so I went to his apartment and chilled with him and a lot of his friends. They're funny guys. Nico and I were the grand champion beer pong team. We even beat Matt and Ricky who apparently always kick everyone's ass. About 30 percent of people at the apartment spoke Spanish primarily, and they all kept talking to Nico in Spanish calling me his lucky charm in Spanish. XD

After we calmed down with the games, we just chilled and watched some shitty tv shows and the Futurama movie.

The next day, Nicole and I chilled...I watched the NFL with dismay and happiness by the Colts loss and Giants win (in respective order) and then Nicole took me out to O'Charley's because I was depressed about the Colts. Nico was going to go with us, but I didn't want to impose on Nicole.

Oh, in case you're just scanning this Nicole ≠ Nico. One is a best friend, one is a potential crush, haha.

So classes today were alright. I talked to Chloie a bit online too, and then work was okay. I think that Nico got a little shy on me though! Nicole thinks that's how guys get, they're really headstrong at first when girls and then get shy when they think they have a chance. I don't know, I was kind of the same way though. I even blushed a bit, haha! I felt like I was back in Jr. High!

Well...that's about it! I'll get around to commenting tomorrow or Wed., I'll get to it, I promise!


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