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Thursday, January 10, 2008

So I'm sad. No one ever comments me anymore.

And that's why I left livejournal to come here! No one commented me a lot there, so I thought more people would here, and now you guys don't. >.< *feels unloved*

Ok, enough pity partying. School's hectic. I'll be lucky to be able to post three times a week. My classes are going to be stressing me out. Actually, I should be studying right now because I have some reading to do for my English class and my Communications class.

My theatre class is a lot of fun, and last night I bought cool underwear and a cute new bag! I also got hit on at Long John Silvers. Some guy just told me flat out that I have beautiful eyes. It made me giggle.

Hope all's well with everyone. I'll still try and keep up with commenting, but sorry if I don't get right around to it.


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