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Monday, January 7, 2008

Okay, limited posting, I know.
I haven't gotten around to posting much lately. Mainly because Dreams of Twilight, a R.O.D. forum (ask me for the link if you'd like to join up or look back through my archives) that I used to go to picked back up a bit in posting and I'm enjoying talking to some old friends.

Also, classes started today and my schedule was BUSY today. I had an 8:30 class, a 9:30, a 10:30, and an 11:30 and then I came back for lunch but after that I had to go buy a couple books for my English class. After that, I got back in time just to go to work! That wasn't too great. Nico kept hitting on me, but I kind of like him. I can't see anything serious there, but he's fun.

Now I'm back, I need to shower, and I'm hungry.

Also, I applied for a new job! I'd be pretty much like a telemarketer but just calling Purdue Alumni asking them for donation money kind of thing. Eh, it's not too bad of a job, and I'd prefer it to working at the dining hall minus all the friends I've made there!

I'll try and get around to commenting tonight, but I have a lot of stuff today...and tomorrow's just as busy as today. If I don't get commenting, I'll be there Wed, I promise!


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