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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fantasy Football and little Elias.
My sister, mom and I babysat my cousin's son today. He's a real cutie, but has A LOT of energy. His name is Elias and he's three years old. He really likes to talk.

My fantasy picks so far aren't that great. I should have picked Hasselbeck, but Randel El got me a few points so far. Hopefully Jacksonville doesn't let me down because I put a lot on that team this time around.

Well, I'm going back to Purdue tomorrow, so it's my last night here in the BASH. And Randle El just made another catch. w00t. Nicole maybe is feeling better? I hope so.

I found out that my chemistry assignment isn't due Tuesday, so I have a week. I need to check if University Stadium Store is open tomorrow...arg. School. o_O

Last night I talked to one of my friends from DoT (the Read or Die forum I posted last time) for a really long time! We hadn't caught up in forever!

Well, that's basically it for now!


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