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Monday, December 31, 2007

Boo Colts...
Why on earth would you let the Titans into the playoffs? They actually have the POTENTIAL to beat you! Oh well...Sorgi threw a touchdown pass...that had to feel good for him.

I talked to Nicole a lot yesterday...about her and Pansy breaking up and it's going to be a shitty semester for me, I can see. Mom doesn't want me in an apartment next year so I can't go 50/50 with her on that which she'll try and get me to do. Not to mention, she'll just be depressed and antisocial and obnoxious. I hate feeling that way around other people.

New Years Tonight at G'ma and G'pa's with Chloie, Taylor, Steven, Eli, and Shitz! I kind of wish I could take Sam or Mia, but I know that Mia would feel uncomfortable, and Sam, well...I'm just not sure if she has plans or if it's okay with Chloie (since it's not my G'mas place). Oh well...

Happy New Years Everyone!

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