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Monday, January 14, 2008

Okay guys, sorry for my last post complaining and then lack of posting afterwards.
Again, thank you to all my readers...and bear with me these next few weeks. I'll probably only be updating once a week anymore. I'll try and post more often, but my goal is once a week, folks. School and work and homework are keeping me super busy. I hope that all of you who are students are having a decent time in your classes as probably your second or third week of school are underway, and those in the work force, hope it's going well for you too! And for those students in the work force, more power to you.

Anyways, school. It's been pretty good. I get to take a lot of Liberal Arts classes this semester, and my only non-LA class is chemistry. My TA has a STRONG southern accent like no other, and it's entertaining to hear her talk about WoW. My other teachers are pretty cool too. My French teacher = hot.

Oh yeah, I kind of like a guy right now! His name is Nicolas (we all just call him Nico) and he's Colombian and works with me. He'd been talking to me quite a bit since this semester kicked off and then Saturday I offered for him to come to a Frat party with me, but the party bombed, so I went to his apartment and chilled with him and a lot of his friends. They're funny guys. Nico and I were the grand champion beer pong team. We even beat Matt and Ricky who apparently always kick everyone's ass. About 30 percent of people at the apartment spoke Spanish primarily, and they all kept talking to Nico in Spanish calling me his lucky charm in Spanish. XD

After we calmed down with the games, we just chilled and watched some shitty tv shows and the Futurama movie.

The next day, Nicole and I chilled...I watched the NFL with dismay and happiness by the Colts loss and Giants win (in respective order) and then Nicole took me out to O'Charley's because I was depressed about the Colts. Nico was going to go with us, but I didn't want to impose on Nicole.

Oh, in case you're just scanning this Nicole ≠ Nico. One is a best friend, one is a potential crush, haha.

So classes today were alright. I talked to Chloie a bit online too, and then work was okay. I think that Nico got a little shy on me though! Nicole thinks that's how guys get, they're really headstrong at first when girls and then get shy when they think they have a chance. I don't know, I was kind of the same way though. I even blushed a bit, haha! I felt like I was back in Jr. High!

Well...that's about it! I'll get around to commenting tomorrow or Wed., I'll get to it, I promise!


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

So I'm sad. No one ever comments me anymore.

And that's why I left livejournal to come here! No one commented me a lot there, so I thought more people would here, and now you guys don't. >.< *feels unloved*

Ok, enough pity partying. School's hectic. I'll be lucky to be able to post three times a week. My classes are going to be stressing me out. Actually, I should be studying right now because I have some reading to do for my English class and my Communications class.

My theatre class is a lot of fun, and last night I bought cool underwear and a cute new bag! I also got hit on at Long John Silvers. Some guy just told me flat out that I have beautiful eyes. It made me giggle.

Hope all's well with everyone. I'll still try and keep up with commenting, but sorry if I don't get right around to it.


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Monday, January 7, 2008

Okay, limited posting, I know.
I haven't gotten around to posting much lately. Mainly because Dreams of Twilight, a R.O.D. forum (ask me for the link if you'd like to join up or look back through my archives) that I used to go to picked back up a bit in posting and I'm enjoying talking to some old friends.

Also, classes started today and my schedule was BUSY today. I had an 8:30 class, a 9:30, a 10:30, and an 11:30 and then I came back for lunch but after that I had to go buy a couple books for my English class. After that, I got back in time just to go to work! That wasn't too great. Nico kept hitting on me, but I kind of like him. I can't see anything serious there, but he's fun.

Now I'm back, I need to shower, and I'm hungry.

Also, I applied for a new job! I'd be pretty much like a telemarketer but just calling Purdue Alumni asking them for donation money kind of thing. Eh, it's not too bad of a job, and I'd prefer it to working at the dining hall minus all the friends I've made there!

I'll try and get around to commenting tonight, but I have a lot of stuff today...and tomorrow's just as busy as today. If I don't get commenting, I'll be there Wed, I promise!


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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fantasy Football and little Elias.
My sister, mom and I babysat my cousin's son today. He's a real cutie, but has A LOT of energy. His name is Elias and he's three years old. He really likes to talk.

My fantasy picks so far aren't that great. I should have picked Hasselbeck, but Randel El got me a few points so far. Hopefully Jacksonville doesn't let me down because I put a lot on that team this time around.

Well, I'm going back to Purdue tomorrow, so it's my last night here in the BASH. And Randle El just made another catch. w00t. Nicole maybe is feeling better? I hope so.

I found out that my chemistry assignment isn't due Tuesday, so I have a week. I need to check if University Stadium Store is open tomorrow...arg. School. o_O

Last night I talked to one of my friends from DoT (the Read or Die forum I posted last time) for a really long time! We hadn't caught up in forever!

Well, that's basically it for now!


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Friday, January 4, 2008

Unfortunately, I made a bad leave at one of my favorite web forums on the entire Internet and have decided to come back, but it seems only a few of our members are still active!

If you are a fan of the R.O.D. OAV, R.O.D. the TV, or either manga series, we'd love to have you. Come and discuss R.O.D. and many other random ideas! We also discuss other anime as well! RP and more, don't be afraid to reply to old topics because it will send ol' Hearts4Nenene here on a trip down memory lane and surely you will get responses!

Please visit our forum!

**Just testing something**
Glitter Photos
[Glitterfy.com - *Glitter Photos*]

Hopefully that worked! Tis me!

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I was social yesterday.
I tried being social today, but Mia wouldn't pick up her phone. Which makes me a sad girl. I might be going back to Purdue tomorrow night. >.< I'm happy about this in a way too, but yeah...I don't want to leave my cute kitties! I can't believe I've been home for over three weeks now. And now it's time to start working again...in school and at the ol' Dining Court. And now I'm trying to decide if I need to add back in that Calc. II. That will put me at 21 credit hours though, which might actually kill me.

Now I'm stuck in a loop listening to music off one of my friend's on here's profile. Thanks Inuyasha Fan 4Ever! I love the Do As Infinity songs.

Yesterday I made it out to Asian Buffet with my friends Jared, Courtney and Betsy. It was a lot of fun. We all went to high school together and it was great catching up. Betsy's engaged now, an d we all loved talking and playing Harry Potter 20 Questions. XD I went over to Jared's afterwards and we played Apples to Apples with his family. Unhealthy = Spontaneous Combustion!!

Today I went shopping a bit with my mom. I got a cute hoodie/sweater thing from Steve and Berry's. Amanda Bynes clothing line "dear" is fantastic. Then I tried to pick up volume 2 of either Read or Die or Read or Dream manga, and unfortunately, Waldenbooks had neither. Maybe I'll make my way out to Borders when I get back to old Purdue.

That's basically it. I'm babysitting tomorrow for my cousin. Mom, my sister and I are looking after her son Elias.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A change of pace from all the serious-ness.

So, Michael Coleman (a VA who does a lot of small roles in anime..was Stan on Hamtaro) and I have been keeping in touch a lot recently, and he told me I was cute! xD I know that's something lame to get happy about, but Michael's so sweet...it was so fun meeting him at JAFAX like 3-4 years ago, and that he still remembers me!

He might come to my area this summer..we will party, trust me there.

In other news, I <3 Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills and am thinking about making my own Potter WROCK going single. My band/rap group isn't really working out all that well...we have collaboration issues. Keep the Seekers will live on, but so will I! I just need a good name...any ideas? I'll try and make a myspace music page once I make my first song. Probably something rap-like, I might change it up and do some piano stuff though...depends on what I want to sound like. I was thinking about the name "Better Than Ginny" or even "Weatherby." I don't know...I'm trying to think of something from the books that's clever, or at least a character I like that I can do something like "_____ and the _____s" or something.

Seriously, any ideas would be great!

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   Sorry...my rantings/some odd comparisons to Harry Potter...
I just had to type out my feelings. I love her so much. Even when I think of her name, my stomach goes crazy and my eyes start welling with tears. Iíve never loved anyone this much. I go insane every time that I see her and know that it will be months upon months until I see her beautiful face. And I have to worry about stupid guys stealing her away...I wish that we could just be happy. Together.

I think she loves me. It makes sense. I was there for her so much last year, and I try my best to even be this year...even though facebook and the phone arenít good enough substitutes for a cuddle session on my bed waiting to watch Tim and Eric.

To Tim:

I love you. And even though this note is addressed to ďTim,Ē Iím really being serious. I just canít let myself because my mind and heart are working against each other. That is so clichť. Oh ho, that is so clichť. Youíre allowed to hit me for that one.

Love Eric

Why is it this easy to type? Why not to speak? No, Iím lying, arenít I. Itís even difficult to type this shit up. Fuck that. Itís not shit, itís the truth. And that is not shit. Itís true undying feelings from the dark passageways of my heart that very few people are allowed into. Less and less each day.

I love barbies. And my sister. And Chloie.

I thought that my sister and Chloie were the only ones with this access part of my heart. Chloie especially. The part that opens up on any occasion that we come across each other. I thought that once I was gone from Mia, Iíd miss her, but Iíd probably get over it, and when we saw each other, it might be awkward. But for some reason, my heart says having two best friends is okay.

Iím sorry Nicole. Iím sorry Courtney. You get this place in a lesser degree. You donít reduce me to tears every time I think of our memories. Iím sorry. I really am, you mean a lot to me, but apparently 3c and Mia/Chelsea or Chelsea/Mia (which ever slash pairing I hope it turns out to be) mean quite a bit more.

I feel like awful.

I have Sheska and Winry smiling at me with big beautiful eyes. And all I can think about are Miaís eyes. And my own. Sheska has Miaís eyes. I have Winryís. This is ridiculous. Why is everything related to us? Why do I sit here and cry about someone that Iím to cowardly to ever ask what their true feelings are?

I should never be a Gryffindor. I am a coward. But I guess thatís why Iím in Ravenclaw? Because Iím too wise to be honest? I donít know...maybe I should be a Hufflepuff. They seem like the people to act on impulse. On love.

Hufflepuff always gets bashed, but if thatís their true demenor...then all you bashers have no souls. We should be begging to follow in Helga Hufflepuffís glorious footsteps. Gloriious...haha. Makes me think of an old Vash/Vixie lemon.

That cheered me up a little.

Then I read what I wrote and got brought back crashing down. God, if I ever need a raw emotion paper for next semester...this might be it. I mean, bottled up lesbian tendencies = lots of emotion. But Iím not typing this out for school benefit. Itís supposed to be for me.

I hate men. I hate hate hate them. They all want the same damn shit. And I hate them for it. Thatís not my reason for loving Mia. Iíve dated guys before and during my lovely obsession with her. I tried to get away...but is love truly that strong of a force? It must be, thatís all I can say, it must be.

Dear God:

I rarely pray to you. Especially since you hate gay people. But truth will out, right? I really think I know the truth and please, donít let Mia settle on some guy her mom teaches. Thatís lame. She deserves better. Even if itís in secret.

She deserves me.

You know who itís from.

The tears are gone. The Harry Potter DVD is sitting next to me. A whole internet full of Snarry awaits my 4:30 a.m. boredom-filled-self. I donít even want to try. Iíll just get a creepy guy on a Potter chat from Purdue wanting to facebook me.

Never again internet like that.

I need a hobby. Iím going to start reading, typing, drawing anime again.

And Iím going to try to follow a bit in Godricís footsteps.

Happy New Year.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Boo Colts...
Why on earth would you let the Titans into the playoffs? They actually have the POTENTIAL to beat you! Oh well...Sorgi threw a touchdown pass...that had to feel good for him.

I talked to Nicole a lot yesterday...about her and Pansy breaking up and it's going to be a shitty semester for me, I can see. Mom doesn't want me in an apartment next year so I can't go 50/50 with her on that which she'll try and get me to do. Not to mention, she'll just be depressed and antisocial and obnoxious. I hate feeling that way around other people.

New Years Tonight at G'ma and G'pa's with Chloie, Taylor, Steven, Eli, and Shitz! I kind of wish I could take Sam or Mia, but I know that Mia would feel uncomfortable, and Sam, well...I'm just not sure if she has plans or if it's okay with Chloie (since it's not my G'mas place). Oh well...

Happy New Years Everyone!

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

   I can still...
I found out today something really important. I can still be in love! I know that sounds lame, but I still feel in love with Mia. I can smell her on my jacket from our cuddling during Tim and Eric time. I didn't tell her how I feel yet...but I promised myself I would eventually. But I'll wait it out a bit longer.

She said something that made me a little hopeful. For one, she didn't even bring up this guy who's interested in her even though I brought up the subject of guys. I talked about her old crush even! And then she said that after she came in after Taylor, she felt funny because it was like Taylor was coming for Courtney and she was coming for me. *hint hint*...maybe? Hopefully? XD I'm pathetic.

God, why is my girl-liking side coming back out? Mia and Nenene again?!

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