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Hi there, I'm Chelsea. This is my third attempt at keeping up with a myotaku account. I'm a freshie at Purdue studying Chemistry and theatre.

I've been abandoning a lot of things lately, and I really believe I need a place to just let it all go. This place, well, it's it. Befriend me if you'd like. I'll make it mutual and leave comments/a guestbook entry, you know, the usual for this site.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Last night.
Well, I went on a date last night with Nico. I was really excited then really nervous and then kind of excited and then really pessimistic because I'm a bitch like that. I tend to look at the worst possible scenario, or think about how awful it is to be attached to someone and how being single and independent is so much better. But I'm really trying not to do that this time. Nico's a sweet guy with a lot of different interests than me, though we do share some similar ones as well (i.e. tv show tastes, and our views on how stupid everyone is). He's not usually the type of guy I'd go after, he's a little too much of a partier for me, but eh, it's okay.

Anyways, we went to see National Treasure and went to this restaurant called the Lafayette Brewing Company where they do make their own beers and stuff, but we're not 21 so, yeah. Nothing there for us but good food! Then we thought about going ice skating but we didn't have enough time before the movie. It was weird because he was really talkative and stuff but then really shy too. I (again) had to make the first move and put my arm around him...but he kissed me first (not at the movies, that's just tacky and for those silly high schoolers, no offense friends!) and over all, it was a really fun night. I hope that we can go out again!

He's planning on rescuing me this weekend from the four (most likely horny) marines that will be staying in my dorm room (one of which is my roomie's brother). We can watch Pushing Daisies and Sweeney Todd this weekend! yay!

And today (minus the hell of work , oh well, Nico's working) is nearly over. I had to write a paper when I got back from my date last night and study for a French test. The paper turned out so-so and my French thingy went well about average. So, we'll see. God though, my French teacher is B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L. He is just hot. XD

Okay, I'll try and comment today or tomorrow...

Go Green Bay!!

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