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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well then....
I am really sorry for not posting for... FOREVER, but my computer broke a few months ago and we can't afford another one. Lol. Kim's forcing me to post, but I don't mind. :) I miss you guys, though I don't know that many people on here.
I've also signed the petition gladly! :)
I miss this place, and don't worry.
I'll go to Kim's just to post and catch up on you guys! :)
Hmmm... Just so you guys know at least a little bit about me, my name is Rachel. My favorite bands are Breaking Benjamin (if you haven't noticed), Red, Saliva, Evanescence, The Fray, etc. That list could go on forever!
I've grown a liking to the anime Kiba. Zed is so cool! :) I might change my profile theme next time. Don't worry though, Renji is still the best in my book! :)
School sucks like always. :/
Not much to say, sorry. I'm a boring person.

Well, talk to you soon... maybe. :)

Rachel ~howl zabimaru59~

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