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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

mehness wtf it liek moi
Im tired

Im focused

Im pissed off

Im tired cause i increase me weights at the gym, 200 kg on legs now with leg press & 100 with leg extension. at least 80 with arm extension, & 15-20kg with the dumbells on bicep curls & presses while lyin down.

Im focused cause im learning how to play the harmonica, im already up to hand vibrito it hink its spelt, Blues harp that is

& im pissed off cause my work aint givin me shifts, & i havent heard from the other places iive applied too, also some other shit going on that i wont disclose

Besides that not to much on this end, ive added to my collection, swords that is. Im a kid at heart, & i have my eyes set on a few things, one which is a replica of the bankai version of the zengetsu from bleach, i like it from the series, but even if i didnt know what it was from, its such a beutiful blade.
As i said earlier im teaching myself how to play the harmonica, considering ive only sat down & tried to figure it out for about 5 hours total & the progress ive made, im pertty happy ey.
besides that ive just been working around the house, oh have i said that im freaking tank, oh noes, i didnt, well im freakin tank, lawls. my arms are gettin fairly big lawls, not only was i originally freakishly huge but now i getting tank too, Oh god. meh.

Ive gotten into Bleach pretty badly, & i basically watch the entire eureka seven series in like 2 or 3 days as well so i didnt mind that one, eureka seven is takes a bit to get good though

well i guess that is pertty much it so ill hit to old dusty road

have a gooden, catch ya later

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