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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lost on the path of life...
Oh Harrow

I've been lost on the path that is life, at least thats my excuse & im sticking to it.
Things clutter up dont they, Work, gym, leasure, etc, etc.
& im going for a second job, need more moolah in my pocket see. currently i work at a bottle shop, & going for a bar job. Working at a grog shop has its perks, its alot cheaper for me to get drunk, it usually costs me at least $80, which is mostly spirits, Lawls, big boy can take his grog. Its some what tradition for Australian & New Zealander social life to reflect around alcohol more then other cultures, for those playing at home.
the drinking starts when you wake up & finishes when your out of grog, or out cold basically, but can you blaime us, we are eiter convict or ireish/scottish heritage, me being the second due to the kiwi blood in my veins.
well anyway i have a now very social life, so i apologise for not making an appearence earlier.

the other day i got bored.
Pretty damn bored.
so i shaved my head, & thats about it really

Ty for the comments last time, they were uplifting, its nice to know i have more people to back me up, even if several thousands of kilometers away

anyway i gots to hit the road, you lot have a gooden & ill catch ya later ey.

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