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Friday, August 27, 2004


OH MY GOSH!!!! I'm a real ebay freak and i was on today searching for blonde spikyness (of course ^_^) and I came across a yondaime hokage figure!!!!!!!!!!!! i bid on it (of course), but there were already 9 bids......i hope i get it 'cuz it said you could only get them at this special anime convention in japan and that they were really rare......it was soooooo cool!!!!!!(dumb computer won't let me put a pic of it up....)

sorry i haven't been around lately....i've been visiting realtives and colleges for the last month so....

i went to the otakon in baltimore. it was a blast!! i spent sooo much money, but it wasn't mine so it was ok!!! bought lost an' lost of naruto stuff, but nothing yondaime-ish. it wasn't for lack of looking tho, they just didn't have anything with him on it!!!

i guess that's all....as soon as school starts again i'll have more pics up!

-Hoshi Suzume

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