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Monday, April 9, 2007

. . : H I T S U K U Y A: . .


Hello! If you are new here then welcome and I hope you enjoy the visit. Feel free to look around, check out some of my artwork/wallpapers and swing by my Guestbook. For those of you who are returning to comment and whatnot, I thank you. Just a heads up though, for some unusual reason I like to have my Ďfriends listí relatively short. That means if I add someone as a friend (usually after they sign my GB or comment on my artwork) and they never bother to drop by or speak to my again, Iíll delete you off that list. I do not mean to be mean, itís just that thereís no point in having some extraordinarily long list of Ďfriendsí I never talk to. Anyways, Iíve never had a problem with anyone saying anything rude on my site and Iíd appreciate if you guys keep up with that^^ Other than that Iíve got no problems with whatever you say. Thanks for visiting! Oh, and I was not the mastermind behind this site layout but the person who did set it up for me refuses to accept recognition! Lolz, so that means donít bother asking me how I set it up like this because I have no idea ^^;


Happy B-lated Easter XD

Wahh, sorry I didn't say it on the actual day... lol, I said it too early and now I say it too late ;p I hope everyone got lots of candy because I sure did --> Haha Ordinary Girl I bet I have more candy than youuuu!

Voila! And now I run off to bed ^^;



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