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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

   Flash... Windows XP version 19.914
This is from some Flash thingy...

click here if this works

The Page cannot be displayed

The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. And it's not like I'm saying you should hold your breath either. It's easier to blame you, so we will. It's your fault this won't work.

Make sure you haven't spilled coffee in your keyboard. Sticky keys will prevent you from typing the correct website address.
Check you IP address. If it contains letters, or any other characters that aren't numbers, you are too stupid to own a computer.
Verify the whatsit is properly secured into the whichamacallit port on your PC.
Uninstall all non-Microsoft products and pledge allegiance to Bill Gates, ruler of all that is tangible.

*clicks on McAfee*
McAfee has found 3 viruses on your hard driv.
Widnows XP has determined the following may be to blame:
The Supreme Court's attempt to split up Microsoft
Apple Computers stealing money away from Microsoft
The programmers of Netscape products
Anybody else who's ever looked at Bill Gates cock-eyed.

*clicks on Your Music*
Windows XP has detected that you have been downloading music illegally. Your IP address has been sent to the local police station and you have been ratted out. Sorry, man.

*clicks on Your Pictures* Windows XP has determined that the photos from your last family reunion are boring, so they have been deleted. If you would like to register a complaint wiht Microsoft, clik OK *tries to click OK, and it runs away...*

*clicks on Your Videos*
6.54 GB of Will & Grace episodes found in C:/You Documents/ Your Videos

Windows XP has determined your sexual orientation to be:

Using its sexuality database, Windows XP has determined that you would like to downloading Gardening and Interior Design tips from Marthastewart.com
*clicks Cancel*
Due to lack of user compliance, the Cancel button will be removed from all further decisions given.

*clicks on keyboard* Windows XP has detected that you are not using a Microsoft brand keyboard and refused to acknowledge any features provided by this cut-rate misfit of a keyboard.

*clicks on Control Panel*
Windows XP has built a focus on protecting users from their own stupidity. As a result, we have removed many of the options from the Control Panel. Enjoy your limited freedom.
*clicks on the speech icon*
"Windows XP is the best version ever"
*clicks again*
"You love Windows XP"
*clicks again*
"Bill Gates is your God"
*clicks again*
"Macintosh is the tool of the devil"
*clicks again*
"Stop clicking me"
*clicks again*
"I said, 'Stop clicking me"
*clicks Mouse*
*cursor goes really big and click Speech again*
"I said, 'Stop clicking me... with that giant cursor"
Well, thats my pathetic post for today... I had to put that.. sorry... its hilarious ^^

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

   Excuses... excuses.
Well, I think I am not going to be updating MyO every day... I have decided that. It takes too much time, too busy, etc...
Well, yesterday I made 22 CDs.. Excel Saga, Mirage of Blaze, Ai Yori Aoshi... and I just realized that I forgot to put the OVA's of Mirage of Blaze on CD... grrrr... Well... I will get fanart up today! Maybe! >_<
Oh yeah, and that English homework took about a total of 24 hours to do...If I don't get an A, I'm gonna cry ;_;
And in other news... Sam (if you dont know who that is read my other posts), talked to me again, but then she got called to the office and my bus came... it sucked much...But, I know now that Jordan (her exbf now...) was the reason that she never talked to me while she was going out with him... because, now, when she can and he isn't there, she comes right up to me after school... Well, enough of my love life.. I'll get to you all later, k?
Oh yes! I will leave you a picture of Sam... and the rest of my cross country team from 2 years ago.. yeah, old picture, and SAm is much prettier now.. but, she is the one on the bottom right, I am next to her.

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Sorry I haven't been posting every day...I'm doing English homework.. fun fun fun... I've been working on it for over 14 hours probably, and then a few other stray hours... Its funnerific lemme tell you... If I don't get to your sites, you can hold it against me some other day.

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Friday, March 4, 2005

   *squeels* >_
Okay, most of you know my ex-gf, Sam, well, not know her but have heard me complain and stuff... Well, she broke up with her boyfriend (the one that she broke up with me to go out with)... and I was soooo happy. Okay, well, today, she came up to me and was talking to me... and I wanted to tell her I still love her, but there were 3 other people around and stuff, then my bus came.. but I think I might call her... I want to real bad... but yeah... I'm a puss ass...

Well, on other news. Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was really busy and stuff. I finished painting a picture, which, I will upload by the end of the day...
In English we finished "A Child Called It"... We watched the interview of Dave Pelzer on Oprah... and I wanted to cry... It's so powerful what he had to go through... I was going to tell you some stuff that happened in the book, but I will let you read it yourself... I recommend for everyone to read this book, it will really make you appreciate what you have.
Well, I will have that fanart up soon, and etc... so.. I'm going to get to everyone's site today, and if I don't you can bite my head off later ^^

Oh yeah... and Ai Yori Aoshi finished downloading... I'm starting to watch it now... I watched a few episodes at Ohayo Con... if any of you have ever gone to, or plan to go to Ohayo Con, tell me please!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

A picture of my swim team from whatever year it says...

A picture of my swim team from either '97 or 2000 ... I can't remember which, I was just looking at (c) dates on the back...

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   Alas! Another Snowday!!!
Well, it snowed again. Yesterday we had a 2 hour delay, today it was CLOSED. I think someone said that right now we are going to school until June 11th!! O_O Doesn't that just suck?
I'm still in the proccess of deleting friends, but I am trying not to delete my actual friends *sigh* sorry, but I am trying to just keep names of people sites who I visit every day, and I can't visit 300 peoples sites... every... day.
Hmm... Statistics as of right now...
Total Visits: 1182
Popularity thing: 428 -.- boo hiss
Number of Wallpapers: 13
# of downloads of WPs: 616
Number of Fanart: 79, though I might add a couple more later today.
Fanart stuff: 80% with 801 votes

Hmm... I think I'm gonna add that fanart right now... well, the one I have on my computer at least, I don't feel like scanning anything at the moment... Oh yeah! I forgot one thing...Gawd, Photobucket is so slow... -_-;;
UGH! I swear I'm gonna slaughter every single person that has ever created a popup or adware! I have 4 adware/spyware remover programs on my computer, and I still get a popup from adware every 5 seconds...

Here we go now.. A pic of me when I was in 4th and 5th grade...

And then a picture of some of my relatives. They are Lebanese, I'm a 1/4 Lebanese, can't you tell by my uber dark hair? -.- (ps, that was sarcasm) But yeah, I think this picture looks like one of the Mob...

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

   41 and counting....
Okay. My anime list... I am doing too many things at once at the moment or I would post more... I'll try and get to alls sites later... if not I'll be there tomorrow probably.
I don't have many friends so its easy ^^;
(About the friends list thing, I'm not deleting people cuz I hate them, I would just like to be able to keep track of the peoples sites that I visit everyday...)
I almost forgot~! Today in English we had a guy come in to our class to talk about the Vocational center and jobs.. and He asked... "Now, what does every girl always have to have?" and we had answers like "Shoes..." and "..clothes." and ".. Make up" and so I raised my hand "Pads and Tampons!" the entire claff laughed so hard. I got a piece of candy :3
You got a piece of candy if you got the answer right... but I was wrong... the answer was telephone, but for my "creative response" i got a couple lifesavers.. it was fun as hell ^^

1. Dragonball
2. Dragonball Z
3. Zoids
4. Transformers Armada
5. Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X
6. Inuyasha
7. Yuyu Hakusho
8. Cowboy Bebop
9. Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac
10. G Gundam
11. Yu-Gi-Oh
12. Pokémon
13. Case Closed
14. Wolfs Rain
15. Excel Saga
16. Comic Party
17. Angel Sanctuary
18. Ah! My Goddess
19. Berserk
20. Ghost in the Shell
21. Weiss Kruez
22. Nightwalker
23. Witch Hunter Robin
24. Hellsing
25. Fruits Basket
26. Yami No Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)
27. Gravitation
28. Mirage of Blaze
29. Kashou No Tsuki
30. Boku No Sexual Harassment
31. Level C
32. Lesson XX
33. Fujimi Orchestra
34. Earthian
35. Ai No Kusabi
36. Beboy Kidnapping Idol
37. Legend of the Blue Wolves
38. Zetsuai 1989 & Zetsuai Bronze & Zetsuai Cathexis
39. Fake
40. Kizuna
41. Ryokohunohara Labyrinth

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Monday, February 28, 2005

I have like 300 people on my friends list, and I don't have that many friends, So, I'm going to delete every single one. I will be readding people onto there as I visit their sites when they comment on posts...
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Still on English homework....
Well.. I'm still working on my English and prolly shouldn't post but yeah... I am trying to count all the anime's I've seen most of... Right now without any of the yaoi's and shonen-ai's I've seen, i have....18, but I'm still making the list...

Oh yeah... And my tooth fell out at school during lunch! I think it was a baby tooth but I'm 14!!! So, who knows... if you could, could anyone tell me how many baby teeth you are supposed to lose?

~So far I got 40 anime's on the list.. I'll put the list up tomorrow.

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   Hoy es Lunes. Soy es muy mál.
I hate Spanish, and I think I put the accent mark in the wrong place and stuff... actually.. maybe it was supposed to be on the u in "muy" idk.. whatever.

Well. I have to do English homework now...

So. Today my nibshit friend told me that Sam, my ex-gf, broke up with her bf... I'll explain in detail later, but I must go...
I hate homework -.-

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