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Monday, January 2, 2006

I Did some changes to my site and I hope you all like it. And please look at the video I love that Video!^.^(The video is :ぃ、ごい=sugoi)…

Hmmm…I’m going to a friends house and I’m going to redo their site and I hope that They will like their new theme I’m helping them with. Oh… Here is a link to their site:Yasha25 Hmm…And I will going to the theater with them and other friends also!

And Today I have to write a report on a sugoi book. The Book was like this: It starts out that this guy said that he had to make his children sick… And then he tells why. What happens is he had a nice job of a scientist at a place but he was also a worked for security. And he found out that one of the people was taking information out of the country. And he the dad said this to a person but the person was in on it so because of that the dad named jack was fired….And then he was a house wife-father…And his wife had to work longer at her place. And well she spends nights there and thinks as that and Jack Stated to think that she his wife is cheating with him. And You find out that she was working on the little camera things that go in to the to the body to look at the human inside and they are very small….But the baby is hurt by a gamma ray of a small camera thingy because of the mother. And well any way the dad has to go to the lab place and destroy the small camera thingys…. And the camera things have the power to kill people and they are very small but they make black swarm. And they killer bug robot thingys hurt the people and even evolve….And well many people die because of the swarms….And the swarm reproduce fast…well Mae and Jack kill the swarm but that is not the end of their problems because Mae finds out that somehow Charley who was saved by Jack and put in the building had a swarm on him and he was dead…And Mae founded out that Julia was cheating on Jack and she was with Ricky And she found this out though the cameras and she found out that Julia, Ricky and Vince all had swarms in them but they did not die because the swarms were acking like host… And Charley had the bugs in him because Julia had killed him with t putting the bugs in him….And Juliea tried to kiss Jack…And she kisses Mae and but all jack and Mae put a virus in them so they would not die or be with the swarmes. And when he put the virus on Juliea he saw that she about to die and the swarm was making her look beautiful but the true her was being eaten a way from the swam…..And well I will tell you that I’d taked out a lot….And he made the chirld sick so they would so the sickness would kill the swarms….
well any way I have to make a report on that book and It was a great book. The name of the book was Prey …

well have a gret day you all ers…

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