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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hmmm… Well every one is talking about after Christmas and well I guess I can talk about my after and Christmas happenings. So I thing I should tell you all what happened to me over Christmas.

Well just to tell you all I think that some one should not convert them self’s to something other than themselves because to convert yourself to something other than your self is killing your self and making some thing other than you self and putting it to your body and I hate this because it is like eating your self and putting someone other than you in your place. But I feel it is okay for this time to do what is popular. And So I will tell what happened for Christmas.

Well for the people that do not know I have my consins and on chriostmas I go and see them so that is very fun -___-. Oh, I have about 96 first cousins. And I opened gifts also and somethings I got was sumi brudhes and paint, computer games, and other things. And I hope that is okay for an overview on what happened.

And guess what if you otakuer wish to hear more about dragons and myths just pm and ask I love mythical thing and I know a lot about Japanese myths…..I’m sucha little butt….

I think my new Fav for mythical person/animals of Japanese myths is the Tengu.....

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