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Monday, December 19, 2005

Mmm.. I guess I weell somewhat happy because I have the ideas for the prefect gifts for Kat-(Yasha-chan), Kate-(Kamenki), Colin-(Areon), Sean-(Space_boy) and well we should not forget Cia-(Cia-chan).... I better they will either laugh and be full of joy and draw I heart my gift for Hiro kun and Ifm on the top of the world and Ifm very very happy because of my great great gifts for Hirokocor something like rrr thatc.t-shirts for the gifts or they with hate and try to detory the gifts with a giant hammer and Zebra.

Well as many most liky do not know unlike me I am going to a Christmas party at Cia-Chan house with some friends, better and friends and demons...^-^

Here a GIF for the season of greetings....

Image hosted by <br />

Well because I was tlking about greetings... Thank you Goinky, Queen of Anime, InuYasha311, and more that I forgot your names.

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