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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Guess What!
I just read that the very wonderful thing....anime of Fruits Basket is going to have a second season maybe...!!!

Some of my background sites for this information....
And they are links to the sites I went on....

Well, some background of what I understand is that the Anime is geting even more popular by day and the Evening with FUNimation talked about have a second season of Fruits...So it could happpen that Fruits will have an second season!!!!!

"yes, a second season more hurting the bassard Tooru Honda" Said Akito-Sama. Then she said...."Yes Yes Yes I should be on that hair tv hair avartimit thingy!!!!".....*Fun to hear cool things* thought Hiro-kun but then Hiro kun had a dead face when seeing Akito do the Happy dance before his eyes and she said"I can Fly and I'm soo soo happy" and then she jumped ...jumped .... and weellll jumped and almost I think Akito did npt talk the meds today...Poor Akito*hugs Akito*
Akito blushes but Hiroko blushes more and runes before anyone may see.......

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