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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

A Bad Day
I'm beening having a wonderful day! Oh Yes!
Well last year was great for in 7th grade I learned how many people hated me and about themselfs but in 8th grade (last year) I found someone that cared for me and made me not wish to think thta life was JUST a time when someone is a live and I started look not only to not want to kill my self and not to think the life is just a little when you are a live but because of this person I learn to want to be a live and to see the world and people. And because of that I started to want to get out of bed and go places because she would always be there and We became the best of friends....But because her dad was one of money and her family had the ideas that aborsion was okay and gay marriage was okay for that and her parent would hate me I know we could not ever date not only that but she to had an idea when she lived in Caiforina that to live was to live and life had no m4eaning but someone in that statue made her have love and I would never wish to hurt her because I think she is as a beauty rose of a edean of a garden and I love her and if anything were to hurt her I would die. For she is the onlyu one that has ever understanded me and I understnad her the same.
But our realationship would have to end for she went to NewYork and we talked but now her email is broken and other things happened also and now I can't talk to her now and I have about no friends like her other than her so school is aso buttheaded and I feel so alone. I hate it even if I was alone for along time with in my life. I hate this year. For my sister is always sad. But I can't help her. And her friends always hate me and call me gay and say how I'm going to be with a second gay guy and some thing I just wish I could kill them..... I'm alway so sad and alone I feel like no one cares. And in this year my family has gone though 3 car crases that make even more happyer. Not only that but my sister had a letter from a man from jall. the letter was how this man loved my sister and that man is in jall because he raped his couson. I know that I have no thing to be sad about and that others have a wost life buT I'm just well so sad.... And the letter came today and my mom was in a car crasses todaya dn I hate my myself. One if I could have killed my self for if I never had happiness form Rin my dear friend I would not hurt so bad right now. But I I'm happy I'm a live because even if my life is not the best Rin blessed my life with her love that I will never forget.....

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