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Thursday, November 17, 2005

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I said that I love Rin because well we loveeach other a lot at one time and wanted to date but we thought about it and we thought that we were great but we should only be friends because we thought that then our familys would not fight and trouble between us as what happen with couples would not happen, so Rin would not be hated for dating me, she was going to leave and if she leves she would not have time for reasonship with me... But now that she not here and I do not get to talk to her a lot I'm sad and I'm also sad because that many people hate her and hate me. But when my dad asked about why I loved Rin soo much as a Friend I said why because we understand and love each other like no other and I know that I will never love sopmeone like that or have a friend great again and because of that I'm great ful for that she was soo kind to me... For I do not wish for any one to be a close to be as she was and because I talked about her even if I did not talk about her as how I loved her I became happy.....For I love you Rin more than anyone in the woprld and you will away be someone thayt I will never forget because the only thing I fear is not remembering you..... You will alway be a flower in my heart and a Friend close my I will always keep you in my heart because you are more than a friend you are someone I will never forget....

Oh, one of my Friends Brithdays is today sooo... An Gift for them.....
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I think my next theme will be Cute Furuba the Anime....

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