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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Date: July 15, 2006
Subject: Worried
Time & Place:Wisconsin / 4:00 PM

Iím very worried about the world. For one thing I think polities are very unfortunate in the way that some idea are just so crude as the abortion idea. I donít understand how someoneís selfishness or pain is justifiable to kill a week little seed that did nothing. I call it a seed because a embryo leads to a baby which lead to a kid which leads to a teen-anime freak (may be) and then na average adult. And think about it the womb of a woman is a holy place not a killing chamber or a science center where experimentation maybe done but the price of a child is not there. Yea I hate how there are some many evil a pond us. But there are more things that people donít even see as EVIL?! Iím glad that people are fighting for what is right and trying to stop birth control and abortions but why canít they also care about other things as washing there hands. Yea when ever I clean bathrooms at MacDonaldís restaurant when some comes in they donít wash their hands! God please tell me why can be care about not smoking abortions and all of that but not a simple act of washing their hands. Washing and doing healthy things is what makes you live to 99 or maybe even 100. Not to say that caring about unborn babies is bad but I think this world has to care about the little things also!

Work ~ And how itís going!
Hmm.. Work has been day with large vast hill that are in my eyes higher than mountain which I have to climb up to the top all the way to time where I feel like Iím a a meadow with exotic butterflies, and cute little rabbits. Yea some times it crazy and other times itís fine.~ Yea some good things Is I know now some very nice people, I get some people and there are random somewhat funny yet cute movements. Some bad things are they many of the female workers are not marriaged and are talking about who they hate there boyfriends and scared they might have aids, Many of the males are gay and only think about gay idea(s) which I think are very sick, and sometimes its very hot! HmmÖ Even if there are some mad parts of working I think its good because now I know what is is like to work. ^.^

Iím thinking about posting a fanart but Iím unsure if the pencil draws are very good or not so I think I will (in my next post) have some scaned pictures so ya guys can tell me what you all think about it. /\ __ /\

The Kanji of the Day
HonMeanings:book, origination, source
Sound:Hon, Moto
Used in Japanese Surnames:Honda, Honma,Yamamoto, Minamoto, and Takamoto
Fun Fact:Japan in Japanese is ďNihonĒ hich means ĎSuní Ďorigination Ď. This is because that Japanese believe they are the children of the sun goddess! ^^

(日朗光-Sunís Bright Light)
Sayonara MyOtakuians!

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