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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Date: July 11, 2006
Subject: Ebay and Freewebs
Time & Place:Wisconsin / 11:54 PM

Oh, guess what?! =)
I was as normal on yahoo, and Youtube when all of a sundae I found the best video that I have ever seen. It is so funny! =) Itís a Pokemon/Utada/Crazy ní love/Cali/flash/ Very Very Random classic! ;l Wella any way here it is. . .

Iím a Wishing
Okay ya all know (I hope) this is my second site. So I emailed Adam to see if he can fix the problems with my old site. Thatís would make me happy if he could. Boy I would jump for joy! ^^
Ebay Other things
Iím a little pissed because my first day of school is like in August. (around the 31th). That makes me mad! Hmm.. I guess I will just have to try to make the summer the best I can.. Oh, well. At lest some people at my school are nice. But other wise most are just bitchsÖ *-*
Any I have my Music. So here are some picture of her new CD!!!!
Yea Go Utada!
The CD

The Kanji of the DaynakaMeanings:Inside, Middle, Center, throughout
Sound:Naka, Juu, Chu, ju
Used in Japanese Surnames:Nakashima, Nakajima, Nakayama, Nakagawa, Nakaishi, Nakamori, Nakamura, Nakasaki

Sayonara MyOtakuians!


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